What is the correct spelling for MEEL?

If you intended to type "meel" but misspelled it, there are a couple of possible corrections you can try. "Meal" refers to a prepared dish, while "mell" is a variation of the word "mellow". Remember to double-check your spelling to ensure clear communication.

Correct spellings for MEEL

  • eel The slippery eel wriggled out of the fisherman's grip and back into the water.
  • feel I feel happy when I'm able to help you.
  • heel I've sprained my ankle and now my heel is really sore.
  • keel The boat's keel extends deep into the water to help provide stability.
  • Mael
  • meal I am excited to share a meal with my family tonight.
  • meed "I shall reward you with great meed for your services," said the king to his loyal knight.
  • meek She appeared meek and submissive in front of her aggressive boss.
  • meet We should meet up for coffee this weekend.
  • Mel Mel is my neighbor's dog.
  • Mele
  • mewl The kitten began to mewl as soon as its mother left it alone.
  • peel I need to peel the apple.
  • reel I saw that movie last night and it was reel-worthy.