What is the correct spelling for MERRIAN?

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Correct spellings for MERRIAN

  • marian "I'll speak to Marian about it.
  • marina So, gentlemen, Marina is taken care of; Robert is taken care of-I am not feeling sorry for myself, believe me, because I can take care of myself.
  • martian The hope that, even though I could never call Zarlah my own, I might often spend a few happy hours with her in her Martian paradise was now shattered forever.
  • median A Settlement of these Things should be made, either for the Advantage of the Clergy or People, or else a middle Expedient should be found out; since the Consequences of Disputes and Variance between Ministers and their Congregations are generally very pernicious to the Welfare, Happiness, and Tranquility of both Parties; wherefore Remedies should be applied in Time, especially in such Cases where Delays encrease the Danger; when ill Customs in Time pleading Prescription are established as firm as Median Laws, and propagate such ill Habits in the Constitution, as are most difficult to be extirpated.
  • meridian And, when day triumphs in meridian light, Put forth thy hand, and shade the world with night?
  • merino It would have been better than the blue merino.
  • merlin And therefore, said Merlin, ride on your way, for I will not be long behind.
  • merman And Merman was the reverse of ill-natured.
  • merrily Tom's eyes twinkled merrily.
  • murrain The rumour sprang up that Evangelicalism had invaded Milby parish-a murrain or blight all the more terrible, because its nature was but dimly conjectured.
  • terrain However, since the moon rises at a different time each evening, the cone likewise would reach the immediate vicinity of the terrain feature at a different time each night.
  • Marring The repast furnished by the Parker House, however splendid, has to be speedily despatched; for unfortunately time forbids the leisurely enjoyment of the viands, to a certain extent marring the pleasure of the occasion.
  • Morin Index: E Provided for by La Fontaine-Baldwin government, 86; placed under Department of Agriculture by Hincks-Morin government, 117. F Of 1666, 55. Bib.
  • Mariano But since he did not succeed in working as well in the air of Rome as he had done in that of Florence, while the vast number of works that he saw, what with the ancient and the modern, bewildered him so that much of the ability and excellence that he believed himself to possess, fell away from him, he determined to depart, leaving to Raffaello the charge of finishing one of those pictures, that of S. Peter, which he had not completed; which picture was retouched all over by the hand of the marvellous Raffaello, and given to Fra Mariano.
  • Marion Why did those Bible quotations so jar Marion?
  • Merrick Merrick: Hold your noise!
  • Merrill "You were confidential secretary to John Minute for some time, Merrill, and in that capacity you made several discoveries.
  • Merritt "I know Rob Blake," rejoined Merritt, "and if he has an ounce of strength he will make his way back."
  • Mervin There were seven with me in my compartment, the Jersey youth, whom I saw kissing a weeping sweetheart in the cold hours of the early day; Mervin, my cot-mate, who always cleaned the rifles while I cooked breakfast in the morning; Bill, the Cockney youth who never is so happy as when getting the best of an argument in the coffee-shop of which I have already spoken, and the Oxford man. The other three were almost complete strangers to me, they have just been drafted into our regiment; one was very fat and reminded me of a Dickens character in Pickwick Papers; another who soon fell asleep, his head warm in a Balaclava helmet, was a tall, strapping youth with large muscular hands, which betoken manual labour, and the last was a slightly-built boy with a budding moustache which seemed to have been waxed at one end. We noticed this, and the fat soldier said that the wax had melted from the few lonely hairs on the other side of the lip.
  • Terran This ship and the box are the only Terran objects on this planet.
  • Marin Madame du Barry purchases the services of Marin the gazetteer-Louis XV and madame de Rumas-M.
  • Mariana "Will you please call me Mariana, Vassily Fedotitch; I don't want to be a lady, neither do I want servants...
  • Moran "And you think Moran is a man to fear," asked Wade, trying to speak gravely, but showing amusement in spite of himself.
  • merrier He said it warmed his heart to be at his old profession again, and indeed I never saw a merrier twinkle in any one's eyes.
  • Merriam What do you suggest for these upstairs floors, Miss Merriam?