What is the correct spelling for MERTAL?

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Correct spellings for MERTAL

  • dermal As the bud projects more and more from the surface of the sponge the dermal membrane contracts at its base, so as finally to separate it from its parent.
  • fetal Still another sign is the beating of the fetal heart, which may be heard in the latter half of pregnancy when the ear is pressed on the flank in front of the right stifle or from that downward to the udder.
  • marital Although of primary importance in shaping the career of the Siouan tribes, the marital institutions of the stock were not specially distinctive.
  • martial And then, he has a beautiful scar across his face; it gives him a martial air, it's very becoming to him.
  • meal 6127. What did you pay for that meal?
  • medal To cut the dies for striking a medal or coin is a very slow and costly work; but, when once good dies are finished, it is easy to strike a great many coins with them, and the cost of the striking is very small.
  • medial This splint, which is of the same shape as Liston's long splint, but on a small scale, is applied to the medial side of the leg extending from just below the knee to well beyond the sole of the foot.
  • mental In the many intervals of his duties, Ned tried hard to drive his mental fever away, and amused himself as best he might.
  • metal He could not lie still while they took a little metal and ammunition in their hands in exchange for their country.
  • mettle But here was a man of mettle.
  • modal In a scholarly, critical, and pre-eminently fair-minded way, admitting difficulties and removing them, foreseeing objections and forestalling them, he showed that the doctrine of descent supplied a modal interpretation of how our present-day fauna and flora have come to be.
  • moral I half-bowed automatically, the proper thing to do, and the Old Man gave me his moral support by sitting next to me.
  • mortal Two declared it could not be done by mortal man, since it was now Friday afternoon; one was doubtful.
  • mortally Athena realised that Lingard now regarded his violent, unreasoning attraction to herself as a thing of which to be mortally ashamed.
  • mortar He had a notion, not uncommon at the present day, that, by rearing edifices of brick and mortar, he might thus create for himself a few stepping-stones towards heaven.
  • motel She raised her eyebrows, acknowledging the human condition, and he walked back to the motel.
  • mural His remains lie interred within the cathedral under a mural tablet of red porphyry, bearing upon the surface a portrait of the grand old naturalist by Sergel, in bas-relief.
  • mutual This great fact of the mutual recognition of Christ and His people has an application not only to the first acceptance of Christ by the soul, but also to the Christian experience throughout.
  • myrdal
  • petal It was like the touch of a falling rose petal.
  • Martel The ordinary revenues of Charles Martel clearly could not suffice for so many expeditions and wars.
  • Marta Marta was thinking of the man who was about to die, a silhouette against the soft blue holding its own balance resolutely in the face of peril.
  • METALS Then, having passed over the metals with the cart, he will attend to the down train; hand in his other bag, receive the London bag; and, as soon as the people in the signal-box will release the crossing-gates, he may come home.
  • mortals The young abbate never tired of expatiating on the happiness of the fortunate mortals who were admitted to the intimacy of that house.