What is the correct spelling for MI'KAYLA?

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Correct spellings for MI'KAYLA

  • calla A calla bud, yesterday a roll of white, had opened, and the sun lay in its heart.
  • gala "Yonder," he said, "is Lammermoor and Smailholm; and there you have Galashiels, and Torwoodlee, and Gala Water; and in that direction you see Teviotdale and the Braes of Yarrow, and Ettrick stream winding along like a silver thread to throw itself into the Tweed.
  • kahlua
  • kale Here we come into touch with such song-haunted tributaries as the Jed and Oxnam, the Rule and Kale, and Ale, and with many of the great houses whose history has contributed more than any other to the making of the Border Country.
  • kali "Kali does not fear," answered the boy.
  • koala Countless small animals frisked about their feet-more of the pink caterpillars; bright blue creatures that were a winsome combination of monkey and koala; a kind of large, merry-eyed snake that moved by holding its tail in its mouth and rolling like a hoop.
  • kola The flora is rich but not wide in variety, including the gum acacia, ebony, several dye woods, the kola nut, and probably tobacco and millet.
  • likely It is likely that in his terror he did not hear it.
  • macaulay One of my best friends, a man named Macaulay, was shot on the same occasion.
  • malay Unfortunately neither the man nor the facilities for such experimental work exist at the present moment in the Federated Malay States.
  • male If there are even small waves it rolls so much that the female passengers, and sometimes even the male, scream.
  • mall I would call upon you myself, but for various reasons, which I will explain to you when I see you, I am unable to leave the house until I go down to Pall Mall.
  • manila I had crossed over for supplies; he was fresh from Manila and wanted to get over to Bacolod to report to the Sup.
  • marl Thus, to a cord of muck, which is about 100 bushels, may be added, of unleached wood ashes twelve bushels, or of leached wood ashes twenty bushels, or of peat ashes twenty bushels, or of marl, or of gas lime twenty bushels.
  • maul The really great and characteristic point in the dialogue was where something Field said caused "Garland to lay down his pad and lift his big fist in the air like a maul.
  • mayfly The Mayfly was up.
  • meal "That is more than the price of the whole meal if she had let us pay for it.
  • mealy Tho' your mouth be far from mealy, Tho' your pen be dipped in gall, Criticise me frankly, freely,- Better thus than not at all!
  • meekly "No," said Betty, meekly, and again Richard laughed.
  • mica Each man had two anti-gas helmets-one with a mica window, and the other with glass eyepieces and a tube through which to breathe out, and which was known later as a P.H. helmet.
  • mickey I'll send our gossoon, Mickey Slater, with the medicine, if you 'll just come in and stay with us.
  • mikado We should outrage common sense in presenting a workman with a gorgeous robe suitable for great ceremonies, in which to do his work, but reason would be equally outraged if one put on a shabby costume to go to the palace of the Mikado.
  • mike Well Mrs. 'Odges if it ain't askin' too much of yer, I should look upon it as very kind if you'd go an' mike the arrangements for Liza.
  • milky It was ordinary milky quartz.
  • millay By Edna St. Vincent Millay.
  • miracle This miracle is itself more significant than the explanation of it.
  • miscall Yet the man they miscall ghazi sought but the key to Khinjan Caves, with no thought at all about Heaven!
  • mislay But he sped but ill, dwelling alone, inasmuch as he would forget to eat and drink and mislay or lose his hardly won wage.
  • missal The old illuminated missal of the monks, the fancy of the Japanese, the ever-ready taste of the French, all have been exhausted to satisfy that always hungry caprice which calls for something new.
  • murkily He had always smarted under the scoring Ray had given him in Arizona, and he saw, or murkily thought he saw, a chance to say a stinging thing.
  • mylar When they screen-tested the whole series and picked a lovely Mylar rationaloid named Diana Twelve, it hit Elizabeth pretty hard.
  • Micah They knew very well where to find them, and they read to the king these words from the prophet Micah:- "But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, which art little among the families of Judah, out of thee shall One come forth unto me that is to be the ruler of Israel; whose goings forth are from of old, from ancient days."
  • Karl "Karl, we can't give up hope.
  • Kyle She had heard of poor Mr. Martin's death, and thought she might be of some use to Miss Mary; but when she arrived, it was to find her in fever, talking wildly, and insisting that she must be up and away to Kyle-a-Noe to look after a poor sick family there."
  • Miguel "You are a brave fellow," said Miguel; "so come along.
  • Carla
  • Gayle
  • Karla
  • Kayla
  • Marla Marla went with me to hospital.
  • Micky Maybe Micky knows who they be-he lives in that next house.
  • McKay
  • Mikhail
  • OKLA 103-98-94 88-73-63-51-45 Clear Crystals, Clara M. Beede, Okla.
  • Baikal 282 Baikal Lake, i.
  • un-assimilable