What is the correct spelling for MINSET?

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Correct spellings for MINSET

  • finest For me, I vowed I would make money enough to give her a home that would shame him for the poverty of his own-his, which he thought the finest in the town.
  • insert We cheerfully insert the following letter from an intelligent New Englander at the South.
  • inset Gold inset in the wall panels.
  • inst Our time passed on very pleasantly till the 27th inst .
  • manet The A.S.C. uses up more stationery than all the departments in Whitehall, and its motto is litera scripta manet -which has been explained by an A.S.C. sergeant, instructing a class of potential officers, as meaning "Never do anything without a written order, but, whatever you do, never write one."
  • manse Dr. Ripley ruled the church and town with the iron sway of an old-fashioned New England minister, and the old Manse has for years been a literary centre.
  • midst In the midst of the meal came visitors.
  • minaret By degrees simple unadorned mosques were replaced by vast buildings with many arcaded courts entered from ornate lateral doorways, whilst certain characteristic features were introduced, of which the chief were the stalactite vaulting, the name of which explains itself, the horse-shoe arch, and the minaret , the last named a turret of several stories gradually decreasing in circumference, each with a balcony of its own from which the mueddin calls the faithful to prayer.
  • mince The tension was broken by the arrival of the maid with three kinds of pie-mince, pumpkin, and cranberry.
  • mincer She had been the mincer -in-chief, however.
  • minder Such a minder was Bill!
  • mindset My dark eyes reflect You're true mindset – Important by Drive, The
  • mined One human being, shattered in nerves, half senseless, was dragged back after Hill 60 was mined , and he said that he had seen only two men of his company after the great explosion.
  • minister I strove not to think at all, but to minister each day to Helen's comfort and happiness, leaving tomorrow out of the account.
  • minsk And this wily move, harmonizing with recent demonstrations of the Austrians on the side of Minsk , convinced the Muscovite leader that Napoleon was minded to clasp hands with them.
  • minster In my eyes, minster and meeting-house are equally interesting historic monuments, and to my hereditary instincts the latter is the more sympathetic.
  • mint The tea was iced and served with lemon and mint in tall glasses.
  • minter Don't you remember what Joe Minter did?"
  • minuet Then they rose on their hind legs and hopped slowly about in all the dignity of a minuet .
  • minuit A bas "Les Roses de Minuit "!
  • minute I'll have ye in a minute -I'll have ye-there!
  • missed When had she missed it?
  • mist She closed the window again and sat just beside it; the time went on, and she wondered whether he would come, asking herself whether he had been thinking of her as she of him; gradually her thoughts grew vague, and a kind of mist came over them.
  • monet You must try to get Monet to hold it for you."
  • monster All the hateful story which her father had told her rose up in detail, and she felt that to touch this monster would blast her.
  • onset The Median poems which dealt with this most attractive material must have commenced with the rise of the Assyrian kingdom; they had the more reason for explaining and suggesting motives for this mighty movement, as it was incumbent on them to make intelligible the wreck of the resistance of their own nation to the onset of the Assyrians, and the previous subjection of Media.
  • Minced Then sprinkle them with onions minced very fine.
  • Monist And in the same way it is quite clear that no Monist can get himself really to accept Monism.
  • Unset He had been for four days in water with nothing to eat, and his legs unset.
  • MINES "Don't let's talk about coal-mines, Katharine," he protested.
  • minuses Seventy years of toiling and moiling and effort and sweat, and it has all come to nothing; like a long algebraic sum that covers pages of intricate calculations, and the pluses and minuses just balance each other; and the net result is a great round nought.
  • Munster He told them a story of a country servant in Munster sent with a horse to the fair.
  • Minot Mr. H. D. Minot found one of these nests on Pike's Peak at an altitude of 11,000 feet, almost at the limit of vegetation.
  • meanest Her own presence lent an air of distinction to the meanest room.
  • minuets Apart from his dramatic compositions, Weber is known for his many beautiful overtures and symphonies for the orchestra, and his various works for the piano, from sonatas to waltzes and minuets .
  • angaries
  • angary

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