What is the correct spelling for MISURY?

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Correct spellings for MISURY

  • emissary Gortschakoff, the Russian emissary , admitted that the Treaty of 1841 would have to be altered in such a way as would prevent the preponderance of the Russian power off the coast of Turkey.
  • marry You mean to marry some day?
  • mary The next day put the Rose-mary and Ginger into the drink, and so set it on the fire: when it is all most ready to boil, take the whites of three Eggs well beaten with the shells, and put all into the Liquor: and stir it about, and skim it well till it be clear.
  • maser
  • maseru So Mr. J. M. Nyokong, of the farm Maseru , offered to bear part of the expenses if I would undertake a visit to the Cape.
  • masonry
  • mastery
  • measure Allons! allons! Sow'd cockle reap'd no corn; And justice always whirls in equal measure: Light wenches may prove plagues to men forsworn; If so, our copper buys no better treasure. – Love's Labour's Lost: Act IV, scene III by Unknown Author
  • merry While fates permit us, let's be merry; Pass all we must the fatal ferry; – TO ENJOY THE TIME by Robert Herrick
  • mire The man drowned in a bog's mire, When mocking Muses chose the country wench. Did all old men and women, rich and poor, Who trod upon these rocks or passed this door, – The Tower by William Butler Yeats
  • miro The favourite sons of Kamrasi were Kabba Rega and Kabka Miro , while the old enemy of the family, Rionga, the cousin of Kamrasi, again appeared upon the scene.
  • miry
  • miscarry
  • miscue
  • miser A man may grow rich by making hard bargains, and saving up his money like a miser .
  • miserly
  • misery You're a misery I ain't gonna cry over you You're history – Ain't Gonna Cry by Bryan Adams
  • misfire
  • mislay
  • misrule The amusements of the day were under the management of Slingsby, the schoolmaster, who is not merely lord of misrule in his school, but master of the revels to the village.
  • miss The home-things wear which the housewife miss; From the stairway floated the rise and fall Of an infant's call, Whose birth had brought her to this. – Her Death And After by Thomas Hardy
  • missouri From Senegal West Africa To St. Louis, Missouri , Thanks to Katherine Dunham For giving my pops his glory. – Freedom by akon
  • missus
  • missy But you are welcome to Missy , if you think you can make anything of her."
  • mist And then, as he was about to fall down with his head under the sword of the King of the Land of Mist a name rose above all his thoughts-"Fedelma."
  • mister Mister did not bother him.
  • misty It was still early in the morning when the train pulled out of the station, or else it was a misty day.
  • misuse I will stay hidden with Orri, and if any misuse you let him fear me as the Enemy himself.
  • moisture Moisture makes them decay soon; therefore they should be kept thoroughly dry.
  • mosey Care if I mosey along?
  • mossy And there, high up on the edge of the spruce, they selected a mossy shelf and pitched their camp.
  • mousy The white mice looked on coldly with their little pink eyes, while their mistress's own grew red with the misery of parting from them, and the rabbit seized the opportunity to gnaw Bridgie's skirt with its sharp teeth; but for Pixie the keenest pang of parting was over when she saw no more the floor with its scattered cabbage-leaves, and the door closed behind her, shutting out the dear mousy , rabbity smell associated with so many happy hours.
  • musky And there's an old-fashioned kind of musky smell, too, that always means Sunday clothes, and a tall pew, and a village choir.
  • mussy I've known all my life men are mussy , but that room of yours is the limit, Mr. Cole, all littered up with paper so a body don't dare touch anything.
  • musty Kent, still backing from the furnace of blazing hay, turned, and saw that the stable, with its roof of musty hay, was afire.
  • mysore But my host got a wire from the head engineer of the whole line about matters connected with the royal visit to Mysore , and he must now go down south, to stamp on the bridges and see that the line is all firm and safe, so the wanderer from home again realises that there is a Prince in the land!
  • mystery It is a mystery .
  • sure Are you sure you are?
  • usury Thou shalt not give him thy money upon usury , nor lend him thy victuals for increase.
  • Mira He asked her when she had made my acquaintance, and she, like a woman of experience, answered without the slightest hesitation that we had seen each other two years ago at Mira .
  • Maura
  • Mauro
  • MISC
  • MSGR
  • misers Thus they become what we call misers , and there are always a certain number of people, who deprive themselves of the ordinary pleasures of life, in order that they may have the pleasure of feeling rich.
  • end-angering
  • out-of-the-box

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