What is the correct spelling for MIVE?

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Correct spellings for MIVE

  • dive Yes, it is because of the misapprehensions which may be caused by dive hallucinations. So peep how I creep and how deep I dive With the Olde English crack just to make it live – Pass Out by Tha Alkaholiks
  • five It was five o'clock. Slaving on it nine to five Waiting for the weekend That's when she comes alive – Get Down And Dirty by saxon
  • give Give me a kiss, my dear." Give me, the one thing you can't give Take me to the black lodge where you live – Black Lodge by anthrax
  • hive This hive is better on every account. Well Once You Enter The Hive You'll Never Make It Out Alive – The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth by creature feature
  • jive Butler was signed to Jive Records in 1977, and in the early 1980s he moved to the United Kingdom, where he remained for seventeen years. The jip-jam-jump is a solid jive Makes you nine foot tall when you're four foot five – Jumpin' Jive by joe jackson
  • live Deceit and sincerity cannot live together. And by Your death we live It is by Your gift that we might give – Healed by Nichole Nordeman
  • mike But one day I was feeling real strong, and I resolved to give Mike all he could drink, even if it took every drop of water in the well. Wrong nights I perform like Mike? I can quit and get it back like I'm riding a bike? – Green Lantern Intro by fort minor
  • mile The first morning I noticed a white object on the rocks, about half a mile away, and turned my glass on it. 'E'll gall an' chafe an' lame an' fight -- 'e smells most awful vile; 'E'll lose 'isself for ever if you let 'im stray a mile; – Oonts by Rudyard Kipling
  • mime Famous international circus clowns Charlie Cairoli - longtime performer with the Blackpool Tower Circus Coco the Clown (Nicolai Poliakoff) - longtime star clown of the Bertram Mills Circus, after making a name for himself in his native Soviet Union as a master clown Grock Yuri Nikulin - Russian clown and actor Oleg Popov - clown from the Soviet Union Remi - clown from Puerto Rico Charlie Rivel - Spanish Catalan circus clown Zig and Zag (Australian performers) Contemporary American circus and circus-style clowns Barry Lubin - "Grandma", star clown of the Big Apple Circus Jeff "Gordoon" Gordon - "Le Clown Gordoon", star clown with the Big Apple Circus David Shiner - Tony Award-winning, American-born mime and circus clown and theater director who has appeared on Broadway and with several prominent circuses including Cirque du Soleil Benedikt Negro - Cirque du Soleil clown Steve "TJ Tatters" Smith - longtime director of Ringling Clown College, guest director with Big Apple Circus Greg and Karen DeSanto - husband and wife clown/comedy team John Gilkey - American clown and comic juggler who has appeared with the New Pickle Circus and Cirque du Soleil Eric Davis - American clown and comedian who has performed with Cirque du Soleil Michael Halvarson - Swedish clown and star pickpocket entertainer who has appeared in the Cirque du Soleil production Koozå Famous former circus clowns Tod Browning - film director whose work includes several silent films with circus themes as well as the film Freaks Pinto Colvig - writer, animator and voice-over artist; the original Bozo the Clown Federico Fellini - one-time clown turned film director; used clowns and circus themes in many of his films Alejandro Jodorowsky - worked as both a circus clown and puppeteer before finding his calling as a cult filmmaker. Then I gotta come accross a rhyme To let the world know you come across a mime – Stop by R. Kelly
  • mine Or is the lady mine? Then the next health to friends of mine. Loving the brave Burgundian wine, – HIS AGE:DEDICATED TO HIS PECULIAR FRIEND,MR JOHN WICKES, UNDER THE NAME OFPOSTUMUS by Robert Herrick
  • mire Now, however, it was threatened by an unprincipled woman who claimed the power to drag it in the mire; but Challoner recognized that he could not allow this to influence him. Not since Nineveh, not since Tyre, Not since Babylon turned to mire – Not Since Nineveh by Unknown Author
  • mite "Remember, Andy," Uncle William called to him as the boat moved away, "she don't like potato, and she won't touch a mite of fish-'ceptin' herrin'." Tatoe kumori no sora demo ima PENKI de rakugaki shite Aoi sora ni kaete yarou jiyuu kimama ni Chizu nante nai umi demo ima issho ni yuuki motte Fune ni notte mirai made tama ni wa bouken shite mite – High-Spirit by day after tomorrow
  • move The rest move round and round every day. You just gotta wanna want it and ya gotta wanna move it It's a plaid plaid world and we're trying to prove it – Bad In Plaid by Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  • rive So Du Moncel, basing a theory upon these two categories of facts, asserted that the effects of the telephone receiver were principally due to the molecular vibrations of the core of the electro-magnet (analogous to those that had been studied by Page, De la Rive, Wetheim, Reis, and others), super-excited and re-enforced by the iron diaphragm operating as an armature.
  • wive
  • I've "I've told you the truth.
  • Mice "We'll be as quiet as mice," said the children. They all could reflect that it was very nice To know that they wouldn't be bothered by mice – Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat by Unknown Author