What is the correct spelling for MMEBER?

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Correct spellings for MMEBER

  • amber They are clad in shimmering dresses, of soft and subtle shades; rose-awakening, water's-smile, amber -dew, blue-of-dawn, etc.
  • beer A big set he has, too, with an extra speaker for the far end of the bar for the short beer trade.
  • berber 72 Compare Ziba with the following names for stone: Hiban in Berber .
  • bomber Bomber pilots had a navigator to tell them where to go and a bombardier to drop the bombs.
  • camber Built evidently with considerable camber , they rise high from the water both at stem and stern, the ends finished off into a point or else curved upwards and ornamented with mystic figure-heads representing one or other of the numerous gods.
  • cumber He felt nearer to them, less conscious of a certain incomprehensible reticence of soul which is peculiar to the English, a sort of polite and poignant regret that he should see fit to cumber the earth, which had happened, by a singular and unexplained destiny, to be their heritage.
  • ember To one of them, who remarked that it was a perfect November day, Field said: Yes, it is a lovely day, but this is the season of the year when things die, and this fine weather may mean death to a thousand people.
  • ferber How dare you try to cut Chancellor Ferber off?
  • hebe He is too fond of the beautiful, sighs Mr. James; he sees everything en beau, and Mistress and Maid with him are a good deal of Juno and Hebe .
  • limber The gun and the second limber which had arrived from the cantonments, in attempting to gallop down hill, was overturned and lost.
  • lumber He did make a half-hearted attempt to get lumber to the place, but there seemed to be no team in town which he could hire.
  • maybe "Maybe these'll help," he said.
  • mb Its spectral type is Mb , a fact worth fixing in our memory, as different reasons favour the belief that it is precisely the M-type that contains the very faintest stars.
  • meager This time she did not shut him out, and he went in and sat down by the window, and looked out upon the meager little street.
  • meed I wait my meed as others who have known Patience till to their utmost stature grown.
  • meek The boys' voices were never so meek before.
  • meet He did not meet it now.
  • meir It was thus Iskander came Once more unto his own; And the tidings, like the flame Of a conflagration blown By the winds of summer, ran, Till the land was in a blaze, And the cities far and near, Sayeth Ben Joshua Ben Meir , In his Book of the Words of the Days, "Were taken as a man Would take the tip of his ear."
  • member But you will have to see some member of the staff.
  • memoir Field kept the promise of this letter, and the memoir of Mrs. Gray then written is a genuine work of love, composed amid "environments," as he wrote, "conducive to the sincerity and the enthusiasm which should characterize such a noble task."
  • mercer "Leave him to me, if you please, Mr. Mercer ," he said quietly.
  • mere With regard to hosiery, our trade is a mere nothing.
  • merger You understand, Mr. Robertson, that such an important merger can hardly be arranged at a moment's notice.
  • meteor Then there is a distant, sharp flutter; the noise increases; suddenly a beautiful thing-a meteor of bronze and crimson-comes whirring along at a tremendous pace; Captain Frank blazes away with one barrel and misses; before he knows where he is the pheasant seems a couple of miles off in the silver and blue of the sky, and he does not care to send the second barrel on a roving commission.
  • meter Fortunately, the only thing needed to make the connection is to open a window-no need to send for a plumber or put in a meter , and there is no charge for the supply after connections have been made.
  • metier Beauty is not her metier ; irony and pity are nearer to her, which is not so bad if we reflect that such is the motto of Anatole France.
  • mob "Yes-you are a mob ; a mob of money!
  • mummer Do you remember what the mediaeval mummer said, when he came bearing his poor homage?
  • number Everybody else had a keen eye to number one.
  • somber The fire in his eyes was deep and somber .
  • timber "No. But the road will need the whole strip of hills for timber .
  • umber A woman from a doorway sings, And from the valley-slope a sheep-dog barks, And through the umber woods the echo falls.
  • weber The heart of Weber beat strong with the popular life.
  • Mete But while the power of the wardens was thus considerably circumscribed, they never hesitated, when they had the chance, to mete out summary punishment to all offenders.
  • meme So he would do well to avoid shops inscribed with the motto, "Ici l'on peut ecrire soi-meme."
  • Comber He was indifferent-he did not care; things could not be worse, and he did not mind what happened to him, and Comber minded very much indeed, and he had not been hit in the face for a long time.
  • Meyer At all events, Rodbertus himself toiled for years at a working plan for his scheme of wages, but though he always gave out that he had succeeded in preparing one, he steadily refused to disclose it even to trusted admirers like Lassalle and Rudolph Meyer , on the singular pretext that the world knew too little political economy as yet to receive it, and at his death nothing of the sort seems to have been discovered among his papers.
  • Mabel And we will bring Miss Bright, too, unless she and Mabel have some other engagement.
  • Meier A comparison between the five-and-thirty photographs reproduced by M. Besson and those at the end of Herr Meier -Graefe's monograph suggests that even since 1910 his art has developed.
  • MME The fact was that Mme .
  • MMES We would like to thank Mmes .
  • meeker Mrs. Elmore grew still meeker under this irony.
  • dumber But if I should find the land as still as the sea, without even the spouting whale, or school of tumbling sea-hogs-if Paris were dumber than the eternal ice-what then, I asked myself, should I do?
  • Gerber For a discussion of the whole subject, see A. Gerber , Great Russian Animal Tales, Baltimore, 1891, who discusses the incidents included in the above compilation in his notes on v.
  • meaner For just as my Ambition had set itself the aim of that large house over Highgate way, so my Love also was going to be a thing of brightness and terraces and spires-nothing meaner , such as men shake down to out of their failure and disillusion.

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