What is the correct spelling for MODDLE?

If you find yourself misspelling "moddle", worry not! The correct term is actually "Moodle", a popular online learning platform. To avoid confusion, try searching for "Moodle" instead. With this correction, you'll access a wide range of educational resources and courses available on the Moodle platform.

Correct spellings for MODDLE

  • coddle I am going to coddle myself with a warm blanket and a good book tonight.
  • doddle I'm going to take a doddle to the shop.
  • meddle I will not meddle in your affairs.
  • meddler As a meddler, she always poked her nose into other people's affairs.
  • middle I sat in the middle seat on the airplane.
  • modal The modal verbs "could" and "would" indicate possibility or probability of an event occurring.
  • model My sister is a model.
  • modeler The modeler is creating the final product.
  • module The module is not installed.
  • modulo I'm going to modulo 12 to get the result.
  • motile The bacteria are motile and can move around freely.
  • mottle The sun had a mottle on it.
  • muddle She made a terrible muddle of the gravy.
  • noddle
  • toddle I am going to toddle over to the toy store to see if they have any new toddler toys.