What is the correct spelling for MOHITO?

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Correct spellings for MOHITO

  • mahout He's the only kind of mahout who ever gets pay for himself."
  • merit "I must not allow the merit they possess to be given to me; Mr Castleton suggested and executed many of the designs," said May, heartily wishing that the ladies had not brought their guests to see the grotto at all.
  • mit Following are the contents of one of the five Dresden folio copies which we have compared: 1. The title-page, concluding with the words, "Mit Churf.
  • mite I'll bet he ain't worried a mite .
  • mitt He likes her, in spite of the frosty mitt she handed him.
  • moat I could run you a moat around the back, and keep it supplied with fresh water all the year round.
  • mohair She would get any kind when she asked for it; but mohair is a thing we never do sell, because we only bring it in for our own use 2472. Is it the highest priced of all?
  • moiety In a cross wind this helps to steady the track of a boat; but, unless wind is strong and is abeam for a good moiety of the distance, the draw of the water all the way occasioned by the fin costs more than the extra drag of rudder which it obviates for just one part of the course.
  • moist Hot or moist weather is more trying to the cattle than cool or dry weather.
  • molt A male taken in mid-July was in an early stage of molt .
  • monet Sisley is less decorative, less on the surface, and though he follows Monet in his pursuit of colour, nature is, perhaps, on account of his English origin, something more to him than a brilliant appearance.
  • monitor I had sufficient presence of mind to ask my monitor for dances, far more than could reasonably be expected of a woman so old-probably almost pushing 40. .
  • monte Presently he raised his voice to inquire anxiously: 'Hurt much, Monte ?
  • moot And he quoted a speech of Canning, delivered fifteen years before, in which that eloquent statesman, a man by no means inclined to a timorous policy, had declared that "no feeling of wounded pride, no motive of questionable expediency, nothing short of real and demonstrable necessity, should ever induce him to moot the awful question of the transcendental power of Parliament over every dependency of the British crown.
  • most 9142. Where did you get most of your goods?
  • mot They are quite important members of the Marmot family, and to-morrow I'll tell you about them if you want me to.
  • mote It was divided into wards, each governed by an alderman who presided over the ward-mote, and represented his ward at the folk-mote.
  • motet Barbara's voice had lent a special charm to this magnificent motet , and, when she concluded the "Quia amore langueo"-"Because I yearn for love"-to which she had long given the preference when she felt impelled to relieve her heart from unsatisfied yearning, she had seen Gombert look at the choir leader, and understood the "inimitable" which was not intended for her, but for his fellow-artist.
  • motor How does it happen that your motor was not at the station?
  • mott I did so by the advice of Judge Mott , of the District Court, who remarked that, though I never abused a witness or a juror, or was discourteous to any one in court, there were desperate men in the country, and no one could know to what extremity they might go, as I would not be deterred by any considerations from the discharge of my whole duty to my clients.
  • motto Let silence and discretion be your motto , my friends, and you are safe; you shall not be forgotten.
  • moult The color of the plumage is likely to fade with age but after the birds moult and secure their new plumage, the color is usually higher again.
  • mount The Philistines rejoiced when they found the corpse of Saul on Mount Gilboa.
  • Moho
  • Mont But, further north, Marmont sustained a serious reverse.
  • Mort Mort, here, an' me, we was goin' out airly in the mornin'.
  • Hohhot
  • Monty He's a real nice boy, Monty is, but-but he needs some 'retouching,' as papa darling used to say of his pictures."
  • HIT He could not hit a field full of Huns.
  • MOET
  • mishit

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