What is the correct spelling for MOIDDLE?

The correct spelling for "moiddle" is actually "middle". It is a common mistake, but there are a few helpful suggestions to remember. Break it down phonetically: "mid-dle". Another tip is to associate it with the word "middle" visually. With these suggestions, you can easily avoid misspelling this word.

Correct spellings for MOIDDLE

  • coddle I don't want to coddle my child too much, but I also don't want to be too strict.
  • diddle Diddle with the doodlebugs while you wait for the dinosaurs to finish their cryo-rest.
  • doddle Our trip to the museum was a doddle.
  • fiddle Jimmy made a fiddle out of a wire coat hanger.
  • meddle I have learned to let things be and not meddle in someone else's business.
  • middle I'm in the middle of a frustrating lawsuit.
  • middles The middles of the cupcakes were filled with chocolate ganache.
  • module The module has a number of features which make it an ideal choice for advanced users.
  • muddle I tried to muddle through the algebra test, but I am definitely not a math genius.
  • noddle
  • piddle I'm not going to piddle away my time on a silly project.
  • riddle She was able to solve the complex riddle in just a few minutes.
  • toddle The baby began to toddle towards his mother.