What is the correct spelling for MOITOR?

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Correct spellings for MOITOR

  • mater Of course the mater couldn't get away, but Lydia isn't so full up, and I should think she'd jump at it.
  • mentor England, save as the wise Mentor , had nothing to do with them.
  • meteor You may sometimes see a brilliant meteor flash across the skies, larger apparently than any of the stars; you fix your eyes upon it, but hardly have you begun to admire so exquisite a natural phenomenon when it has vanished.
  • meter 'The noblest meter ever moulded by the lips of man.
  • metier It was Tournefort's metier to listen.
  • minor The questions which I have raised are minor points.
  • mit "Mit einem Lazarus," whispered Rosa, behind her hand.
  • mite Why, certainly, Mis' Fleetwood; don't you be the least mite oneasy; I'm your friend-I always have been.
  • miter When, at last, thoroughly desperate, he heard someone shout from across the field to throw the ball, he threw it, and not until the catcher had reeled off twenty yards or more toward Brimfield's goal did Carmine discover that he had been cruelly deceived by the Miter Hill right end!
  • mitt Some of these mitt artists is nice, decent boys, but then again you'll find others that you can't take much pride in.
  • moat Lady Agatha took her leave, having made them promise to come early to the Moat that afternoon.
  • moiety On the contrary, more than a moiety of his visitors were accustomed to make their calls after midnight-not unfrequently taking their departure before morning.
  • molter
  • monitor No other monitor spoke to Peter now if he could help it, and even the masters, judging that where there was smoke there must be fire, passed him coldly.
  • mood At this Stas, though he was not in a laughing mood , laughed and asked: "How will you be able not to say a word to him and at the same time tell him he is horrid?"
  • moor He leaned out of his window and tried to imagine, out of the darkness, the beloved moor -then he took his black bag and crept downstairs; it was striking half-past six as he came softly into the hall.
  • moot They crossed the Market-Place in silence, but as they turned the corner of the Moot Hall, the elder man spoke, touching his companion's shoulder with a confidential gesture.
  • mortar It consists not in bricks and mortar nor in any latticed garden-work-though these may be its outward signs-but in a being different.
  • morton We find so well-recognized an authority as Dr. Morton Prince using this method to enable one of the many Miss Beauchamps to recall incidents in her previous life which were otherwise entirely lost to her.
  • mot In England, we are apt to consider wit and satire as nearly synonymous; for we hear of the clever sayings of our reputed wits, in nine cases out of ten, allied to some ill-natured bon mot , or pointed epigram.
  • mote The mote he loaded her with presents, the less able did she seem to realise that money was being spent on her account.
  • motor Want all three motor boats.
  • mott Next we heads for our own quarters, having shifted our Mott street chariot for the real article, with rubber tires and silver plated lamps.
  • motto Take things as they come, that's my motto every time.
  • mouton Pieds de mouton , sheep's trotters.
  • rotor He should be on his way to the rotor meet with the rest of the boys ...
  • Mitty Mitty was just the right sort of a Mitty for a little frontier girl.
  • Mort "You are solemn enough for a croque-mort," said Helen, after a few moments of silence.
  • MOET All they can go get is me a glass of Moet A hard time, sip your juice and watch a smooth poet – My Melody by Eric B And Rakim
  • motors You chumps, you best call General Motors . I will, take control of your soldiers. – Cannon AMG Remix by lil wayne
  • moister
  • drive-in Loyce reached the road and turned onto it. Ahead of him was a gasoline station and a drive-in .

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