What is the correct spelling for MOLAGES?

If you've typed "molages" by mistake, don't worry! Based on the context, you might have meant "mollages" or "moldages". "Mollages" could refer to artistic collages made using mollusk shells, while "moldages" could relate to mold-making or shaping processes. Double-check the intended meaning to ensure the correct spelling.

Correct spellings for MOLAGES

  • Collages The art exhibit featured a wide variety of collages made from magazine clippings, fabric scraps, and other materials.
  • Dosages The doctor prescribed different dosages of the medicines for patients with different conditions.
  • Folates Folates are important for the development of a healthy nervous system and brain function.
  • Forages The horses forage in the pasture for food.
  • Homages Many of Quentin Tarantino's films contain homages to classic movies.
  • Mages The mages gathered in the temple to perform a powerful ritual.
  • Manages She skillfully manages her team, always ensuring that they complete all the tasks on time.
  • Melanges The restaurant's menu offers an intriguing melange of flavors and cultures.
  • Menages The new hotel offers luxurious menages that come with a private chef and butler.
  • Mileages John kept a record of the mileages of all his cars in a notebook.
  • Mirages The hot, dry desert often plays tricks on the mind with its countless mirages.
  • Mohaves The Mohaves were a Native American tribe that traditionally inhabited the Colorado River basin.
  • Mojaves The Mojaves are a Native American tribe that has inhabited the Colorado River region for centuries.
  • Molars My dentist said I need to have two of my molars extracted.
  • Molasses She added a dollop of molasses to the cookie batter for a richer flavor.
  • Moles Moles are notorious for digging tunnels underground, sometimes causing damage to lawns and gardens.
  • Mollies I bought a few mollies and guppies for my new aquarium.
  • Montages The film director used a series of montages to depict the protagonist's journey.
  • Morales Diego Morales is a leading environmental activist in his community.
  • Nonages The nonages woman reflected on her long life, filled with both joys and sorrows.
  • Osages The Osages were known for their skilled horseback riding and hunting ability.
  • Solaces Reading a book solaces me when I feel stressed.
  • Ullages The ullages in the wine bottles indicated that they had lain undisturbed in the cellar for many years.
  • Voltages The voltages in the electrical circuit are too high for the device to handle.
  • Voyages Christopher Columbus made four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean in the late 15th and early 16th centuries.