What is the correct spelling for MOREINTO?

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Correct spellings for MOREINTO

  • marinate Or skin and wash a pair of large soles very clean, dry them in a cloth, wash them with the yolk of an egg on both sides, and strew over them a little flour, and a few bread crumbs; fry them of a fine gold colour, in Florence oil, enough to cover them; when done, drain them, and lay them into an earthen dish that will hold them at length, and set them by to cool; then make the marinate with a pint of the best vinegar, half a pint of sherry, some salt, pepper, nutmeg, two cloves, and a blade of mace; boil all together for about ten minutes, then pour it over the fish hot, the next day they will be fit for use.
  • memento Folded small within it were the torn remains of a once handsome crimson and blue silk handkerchief, the only memento of his father he possessed.
  • mentor She held Van de Vliet in the reverence always bestowed on a brilliant, beloved mentor .
  • merino He turned round and saw a child between five and six years old, dressed in a shabby little merino frock and white pinafore, standing with her back towards him, and holding out a doll at arm's length, its turned-out pink leather toes just touching the ground.
  • merit The walls are covered with pictures, some of them very good, others of a less degree of merit .
  • mint Season with salt, pepper, and a bit of mint .
  • modernity But in spite of his skill and his modernity , in our midst there persist those who, in a scientific night, would die rather than risk our advantages.
  • moment We won't put up with it-not for a moment .
  • monitor She lifted her head off the pillow and for a moment, looked past Grant, examining the screen of the heart monitor .
  • mooring The mooring -mast experiments have had considerable success and airships have been moored in high winds and over long periods with the assistance of a very small personnel.
  • moraine A day later, two musk oxen were seen grazing along the moraine of a wasting glacier.
  • mordant Tiberius and Claudius and Nero, Messalina and Agrippina, in spite of the most mordant criticism, will live for ever as they have been portrayed by the fervid imagination of Tacitus.
  • moron The expression on his face was that of a reasonably happy moron .
  • mount We will give you a fresh mount .
  • orient We have less accurate information regarding Asia and Africa, but the disease is known to prevail in Japan and China and in the Philippine Islands, and it is doubtful whether any considerable part of the Orient is free from it.
  • pronto Pronto shot up his ears and checked his trot.
  • rent 9779. Did you want the money to pay your rent ?
  • reorient A couple of the blips were over the ocean way south of England and they were trying to contact them by radio to reorient them.
  • toronto There were women present also, and they wore anything from light print, put together for the occasion, to treasured garments made in Montreal or Toronto perhaps a dozen years before, but for all that the assembly was good to look upon.
  • Hereunto In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands in Congress.
  • Maronite Jezzeen is almost exclusively a Christian village, with a Greek Catholic church, besides two Maronite churches, and the small convent mentioned above.
  • Meant But Stas and Kali knew what it all meant.
  • Merinos The sheep were passed in review before their lord, and the administrator grew enthusiastic over the merits of Negrettis and Merinos .
  • Momenta
  • Morin
  • Mariano Don Mariano therefore followed Lizzie to their place in the dance.
  • Monty Non-Phixion be the full monty Saw ya off like Vinnie Ponty – The Full Monty by Non Phixion
  • Marin In the plains of Marin curious petrifactions exist;-I saw a honey-comb so perfect that the eye alone could scarcely divine the transformation.
  • Minty
  • Moran During this conversation they had forgotten all else, and when their eyes turned to the Moran house the vision of youth and beauty had dissolved.
  • Moreno Early in the morning on the 13th September, the fleet, under the command of Admiral Moreno , got under way, and, approaching to a distance of about a thousand yards, commenced a heavy cannonade, the troops on the land side opening fire at the same time.
  • moraines Moraines, outwash plains, and lakes are easily recognizable features that originated during the latest glacial stages, and most of the peaks and canyons were greatly modified.
  • Minot

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