What is the correct spelling for MOTHED?

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Correct spellings for MOTHED

  • hothead The role of firebrand and hothead , drawing villainous knives on frightened boys, would not quite convince his present audience.
  • matched
  • mated But the mated females always have snow huts in which they give birth to their young, and where they reside until early spring; then the mother bear comes forth with them to seek food and teach them the ways of the world.
  • matted The hard granite of the top was covered with matted mosses, lichens, Lycopodiums, and ferns, amongst which were many curious and beautiful airplants.
  • meshed In the spring fishery the nets are shot near shore, off some sandy inlet, at sunset; and it is curious to note that the fish thus meshed are all on the inside of the net, but when they are meshed in the morning they are found on the opposite side.
  • method This happens as a result of your suggestions and is the method followed by most subjects.
  • moated "Her grandmother, who thoroughly disapproves of me and all actresses, has kept the child shut up in a moated grange all her life.
  • moped For weeks after this meeting he moped more than usual.
  • mote And in the meantime she must get the beam out of her own eye, that she might see to take the mote or the beam, whichever it might be, out of Corney's!
  • motet Motet: Komm, Jesu, komm.
  • moth She was perched upon a grassy slope like some vast moth that had alighted there, her pale skirts spread, a white cashmere shawl swathed about her shoulders, her golden head tipped back on her full throat.
  • mother My mother was with him....
  • moved It's time for us to start," and then moved out.
  • muted There was something very desolate in that atmosphere of dimmed sight and muted sound.
  • pothead A forty-foot ladder broke while atop it Lopez was hosing down a pothead , and he was driven backward into the concrete pavement by the high-pressure water.
  • smoothed He smoothed her hair thoughtfully and then he said gently.
  • toothed The forceps have bent and toothed jaws, which are intended to take hold of the fetus where neither cords nor hooks can be applied, as the ear, nose, or skin of cheek.
  • Bathed She went quickly forward, and threw herself on her knees by the bedside, and seized his hand, and bathed it with her hot tears.
  • Lathed Yes, once, I think, when steamship passengers lathed at the barge office, and of course I've seen it often in going to Staten Island to visit Cousin Lucretia.
  • Loathed He had loathed the East Coast camp.
  • Mashed Some people prefer a hot lunch, and chops, birds on toast, or a beefsteak, with mashed potatoes, asparagus, or green pease, are suitable dishes.
  • Mather In the Private Journal of Cotton Mather , under the dates of 1708 and 1717, there are notices of the Boston troops waiting on the Governor to Cambridge on Commencement Day.
  • Meted The secret of the punishment meted out to him by his father!
  • Moaned "Oh," moaned Helen, "she does not understand anything I say!"
  • Mobbed Being free agents, they were filled with fury, and mobbed shipowners to send them out again.
  • Mocked The old maid was a figure to be as much mocked and pitied as the old bachelor was to be envied.
  • Moiled Looking at them, it was difficult to believe that they were other than paltry pebbles; yet these were the things for which men left home and kindred, pushed into the wilds of a savage land, toiled and moiled in the Great Pit at Kimberley, and too often sacrificed health, happiness, and life itself.
  • Mooed She mooed like a Bullock, She baaed like a Ram, She leaped like a Goat, She skipped like a Lamb-Oh yes!
  • Mooned The emperor watched their departure, and, at the same time, saw a big black aircar, bearing the three-mooned planet, argent on sable, of Travann, let down onto the south landing stage, and another troop carrier let down after it.
  • Moored None know the woods better than I. I can take you by a short cut to the river, and I have my own boat moored and ready.
  • Mooted As for offspring remembering in any legitimate sense of the words what it had done, and what had happened to it, before it was born, no such notion was understood to have been gravely mooted till very recently.
  • Mopped When the curtain fell on the first act she sighed and mopped her face.
  • Moths The street of Hermes, he explained, where the deaconess dwelt, was full of people, and the divine gift of beauty, wherewith Heaven had blessed her, would attract the baser kind, as a flame attracts bats and moths.
  • Mothered Madame Marat mothered our party.
  • Moused
  • Mouthed
  • Tithed
  • Withed
  • Mushed
  • Soothed
  • Mathew
  • Mothers
  • mowed
  • morphed
  • mooched

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