What is the correct spelling for MOUAGES?

If you encounter the misspelling "mouages", there are several correct suggestions that might match your intended word. Possible alternatives include "images", "courages", "cages" or "outrages". Double-check the context to select the most appropriate option and eliminate any confusion in your text.

Correct spellings for MOUAGES

  • Bourges Bourges is a beautiful city located in the heart of France.
  • Dosages It is important to follow the dosages recommended by your doctor, as taking too much medication can be harmful.
  • Forages The herd of cattle forages in the lush green pasture during the summer season.
  • Gouges She used the chisel to create gouges in the wood.
  • Homages The film director paid homages to his favorite directors in his latest movie by incorporating their signature styles and techniques.
  • Lounges Many airport lounges provide complimentary food and drinks for their guests.
  • Mages The Mages of the wizarding world were renowned for their mastery over magical powers.
  • Manages Jane manages a team of developers at a software company.
  • Menages They owned one of the largest menages in the county, which made them quite popular among horse riders.
  • Mirages As the sun began to set, the heat created mirages on the desert horizon, making it difficult to distinguish what was real and what was not.
  • Mohaves The Mohaves were a Native American tribe that inhabited the Colorado River region.
  • Mojaves The Mojaves are a Native American tribe of the southwestern United States.
  • Montages The film had several montages showing the passage of time and the characters' development.
  • Morales The new boss, Mr. Morales, seems determined to make some changes.
  • Moues The little girl made moues of disappointment when her mother told her they couldn't go to the park.
  • Mouses The mouses scurried away when they heard the sound of the cat.
  • Mousses I love to try different flavored mousses at the dessert counter.
  • Nonages The nonages of the old books that he discovered in the library give a glimpse of the ancient civilization.
  • Osages The Osages were forced to move from their ancestral land in Kansas to Oklahoma in the 1800s.
  • Outages The company provided frequent updates during the outages to keep customers informed.
  • Rouges The group of rouges were caught stealing from the local store.
  • Voyages My grandfather used to tell us stories of his voyages across the Atlantic Ocean.