What is the correct spelling for MRIAM?

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Correct spellings for MRIAM

  • bream 212. bream, a kind of fish found in lakes and deep water.
  • brim Paul walked on, his hands thrust into his coat pockets and the brim of his hat pulled down.
  • cram Gordon thrust the damning badge as deep into his pouch as he could cram it and looked out.
  • cream "Cream and sugar, if you please," said that great Amanda heartily, "or milk if it's milk.
  • dram "I am sure," he says, "that the habit of incessant work into which we all drift is as bad in its way as dram-drinking.
  • dream Am I in a dream?
  • gram "We can get it from Gram.
  • grim Until now this strange white world had been one of grim reality.
  • grimm "Oh, it wasn't much more than a hundred years ago that I read my Grimm.
  • ma'am "Here's your good 'ealth, ma'am," said Mr. Wilks, raising it.
  • madam It is over formal to use simply Sir or Madam in any letter, or to use Dear Sir or Dear Madam when writing to a familiar friend.
  • maim The plea that the 'public opinion' among the highest classes of society at the south is mild and considerate towards the slaves, that they do not overwork, underfeed, neglect when old and sick, scantily clothe, badly lodge, and half shelter their slaves; that they do not barbarously flog, load with irons, imprison in the stocks, brand and maim them; hunt them when runaway with dogs and guns, and sunder by force and forever the nearest kindred-is shown, by almost every page of this work, to be an assumption, not only utterly groundless, but directly opposed to masses of irrefragable evidence.
  • mam Yes mam, dese is hard times for eberybody dat 'bleves in de Union.
  • maria Aunt Maria, that's two!
  • marian The Marian opposition to the general policy of England persisted for a few years longer.
  • miami Within hearing of the waters of the Little Miami dwelt an old man all alone in a brown frame house.
  • mri
  • myriad While looking upon St. Basil, with its myriad pinnacles flashing in the rays of the sun, it was natural to recall Hawthorne's quaint idea, that were edifices built to the sound of music some would appear to be constructed under the influence of grave and solemn tones, others, like this unique temple, to have danced forth to light fantastic airs and waltzes.
  • pram The pram got a rate on of a mile a minute, and the sticks weren't needed.
  • priam The most interesting parts of the Iliad for us to-day are not battles, but such things as the parting of Hector and Andromache and the scene between Priam and Achilles.
  • prim There are prim portraits of queens and princes, monks in contemplation, and holy people in antres vast and deserts idle.
  • ram The driver started it again, shifted to four-wheel drive, and tried to ram forward.
  • ream Adolphe has discovered that the most admirable trade is that which consists in buying a bottle of ink, a bunch of quills, and a ream of paper, at a stationer's for twelve francs and a half, and in selling the two thousand sheets in the ream over again, for something like fifty thousand francs, after having, of course, written upon each leaf fifty lines replete with style and imagination.
  • rim "Mock if you please," Ellenora's strong face flushed, "but women will yet touch the rim of finer issues.
  • roam There are night travellers as well as day travellers; in fact, there are more animals that roam around in a great forest at night than in the daytime.
  • tram The tram stops at the N.E. corner of the cape.
  • trim Just think what an ugly place this estate would be unless I kept the grass trim and neat.
  • Mira And along with this quality, the mira elegantia of Quintilian, his oratory had some kind of severe magnificence which we can partly guess at from his extant writings-magnifica et generosa, says Cicero; facultas dicendi imperatoria is the phrase of a later and able critic.
  • Hiram Hiram stood it as long as he could.
  • Miriam I don't want to see her-Miriam-nor Kitty-very much-but it was so lonely-till Jack came-and there isn't anything now, is there, Jeff?
  • Merriam In fact the two groups, if my notion of their relationship is correct, had different ancestors, Tamias being an offshoot of the ground-squirrels of the subgenus Ictidomys of Allen, and Eutamias of the subgenus Ammospermophilus, Merriam.
  • insubmissive