What is the correct spelling for MRICALE?

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Correct spellings for MRICALE

  • auricle To inspect the tympanic membrane, a medium-sized speculum held between the thumb and index finger is insinuated into the cartilaginous meatus, the auricle being at the same time pulled upwards and backwards by the middle and ring fingers, so as to straighten the canal.
  • crackle The continual crackle , of the discharge spark of the induction coil in connection with wireless telegraphy is very annoying to sensitive ears, but in this manner we can render it perfectly silent.
  • freckle "You mean as a grasshopper," jeered the freckle -faced youth.
  • grackle The plumage of this grackle has iridescent bars.
  • lyrical There was a fire in her eye, a lightness in her step; the mere thought of the glamour that was so soon to invest her household served to envelop her in an atmosphere of mental and moral elevation that can only be described as lyrical .
  • magical Those successes, too, had been won in the name of 'liberty'-a vague if magical word which I shall not seek to define at present.
  • manacle He came over and looked at the manacle about my leg and shook his head.
  • marital He could not insist on any marital rights over Odalite-that was quite certain now.
  • medical We're talking major medical history in the making."
  • mescal My husband say if he open other gates he get money for mescal .
  • metrical The fact is that there are passages in both prose and metrical literature that we unhesitatingly call poems because they instantly transform us.
  • miracle We were both too overwhelmed with this new miracle to talk about it.
  • mirage It is a mirage -but she follows it.
  • miscall How absurd to set up such a scheme, and miscall it a government,-where nobody governs, but everybody does as he pleases.
  • morale Dr. Graves, however, felt very deeply that the most important element in the treatment is the conservation of the patient's strength with the preservation of his morale , and this can be best accomplished when the patient is constantly under the care of an experienced nurse, noting every symptom and averting every possible source of worry and every form of exhaustion of energy.
  • muscle Not a muscle of Ranny's face betrayed to her that it was all wrong.
  • musical There was a time when he was musical -very musical .
  • oracle The change in the style of the oracle is only part of a general movement.
  • prickle There are myriads of lizards on the mesa, little gray darts, or larger salmon-sided ones that may be found swallowing their skins in the safety of a prickle -bush in early spring.
  • prickly When going out at the door of heaven the Proud Angel brought prickly lightning and biting lightning out of the doorstep with his heels.
  • recall The ten years have gone beyond recall , and, if you have not been happy, you have something to show for the time.
  • regale This aloud, to regale the ear of any possible listener other than Andy.
  • treacle Personally I prefer treacle .
  • trickle Oh, Neale, now I do know what it is, how utterly hideous it would be to have to live without it, to feel only the mean little trickle that seems mostly all that people have.
  • truckle The party entered, and, in an instant, were in the middle of the cottage, which was in two divisions-one end being occupied by a small truckle bed, on which a human body lay extended; and the other which Carey remarked was under the small garret where he had observed the nocturnal rites, presented nothing but a few broken stools; some straw in one corner, over which a dirty sheet and a blanket were spread; a fire, with about as much live coal in it as a hand might hold, as well for quantity as activity of heat; a small cupboard, with a padlock on it of twice the value of the articles it guarded, presenting some bones that had once, and while another's property, been covered with roasted meat, and seemed by their whiteness to have been four or five times boiled, with the remnant of the fuisted meal purchased from Mrs Monilaws.
  • wriggle It was a certain district commissioner, Mr. Ladislas Kapronski, called the "snake" by his colleagues, which appellation fitted both his character and his gait, for in the presence of a superior this man never did anything but wriggle .
  • Musicale After the musicale at Mrs. Horn's, they both made their party-call, as Mela said, in due season; but they did not find Mrs. Horn at home, and neither she nor Miss Vance came to see them after people returned to town in the fall.
  • Maricela
  • miracles But what is the good of being young if it is not to expect miracles ?
  • MCCALL "Ten years ago," Monsieur Dupont proceeded, "there was in Boston a young girl named Margaret McCall.

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