What is the correct spelling for MUNTH?

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Correct spellings for MUNTH

  • man "Toppin, one of the 'prentices," replied the man .
  • manta A Spanish manta was thrown over her head and shoulders, as if she had dressed hastily, and had run out to intercept him while he was still in the stable.
  • math I remember it distinctly; I was trying to cram for a math .
  • men The men were easy-going.
  • menthol And when her mother had those raging splitting headaches who was it rubbed the menthol cone on her forehead but Gerty though she didn't like her mother's taking pinches of snuff and that was the only single thing they ever had words about, taking snuff.
  • min "We could," Min admitted.
  • mint I'll bet he made a mint on it.
  • minute For perhaps a minute he said nothing.
  • mirth The games that followed were provocative of mirth .
  • mn "D-mn me," said Lord Eldon in the dialect of his age, "if I had to begin life again I would begin as an agitator."
  • mon I mon be hangit.
  • monte On the other hand, it was well known that his contest with Morse for the Monte Cristo was up for a hearing.
  • month A month ago you couldn't have made such a remark.
  • monthly In January, 1884, they started a weekly newspaper, Justice, and a monthly magazine, To-Day, both of which still appear, and began the active work of lecturing and founding branches.
  • moth "Inside of that are the eggs of a moth that eats things up and does a great deal of harm.
  • mount The man knew she meant it, and a rage which was his salvation began to mount slowly within him.
  • mouth I opened my mouth .
  • munch But Dick felt entirely happy as he took a huge "doorstep" of bread and cheese and a rosy apple from his bag, and began to munch it in the shadow of a great locomotive that stood on the lines, not far from the manager's office.
  • mung You had only made Chand somethin' or other, Isri Per-what-d'ee-call-it, an' Raj Mung -thingumy give poor Mowla Buksh such an awful mauling.
  • munich At Munich -53 operas and 2 ballets.
  • munro The two ambulances came on with our light car, commanded by Lieutenant de Broqueville and Dr. Munro .
  • myth The lecturer is refreshing his hearers' convictions by an inquiry into the origin of the Christian Myth and the foundation of fact on which it rests; and he arrives at the conclusion that Christ was a man, but whose work proved Him all but Divine; His Gospel quite other than those who heard it believed, but in value nearly the same.
  • ninth He had completed his seventy-ninth year.
  • nth Its importance, naturally of the greatest in the assembled popular mind, was enhanced-as mathematicians would say, to the nth power-by the gown of Alice.
  • tenth Before the establishment of the Empire, only about a tenth part of the emigrants left the country without an official permit; but the proportion has been rising every year since then, and sometimes comes to nearly a half.
  • Mont This charming Italian city can be reached from London by way of Calais, Mont Cenis, and Turin.
  • Mun "Tha' mun talk a bit o' Yorkshire like that to Mester Colin," Dickon chuckled.
  • Monty You-" But Monty had already departed to summon his chums for an evening's sport.
  • Minty He breathed in the familiar minty smell of her hair which was brushed out fully and freely to her shoulders.
  • months She wasn't down at Kilkieran for four months .
  • mouthy I never did have any use for him, just because he was so mouthy .
  • Munoz The historian Munoz , who has been indefatigable in his researches amongst the documents relating to Spanish America, declares that he cannot find that the point was decided; and if he has failed, we are not likely to discover any direct evidence about the decision.
  • battleaxe The Anniversary Waltz" (Dubin, Franklin) – 1:13 "My Baby Is A Battleaxe " – 2:43 "Her With A Hoover" – 2:29 "Alecs Back" – 2:32 "Dorkamania" – 2:26 "Audreys Alone At Last" – 2:39 "Eine Kleine Nacht Muzik" – 3:05 "Charlies Watching" – 3:18 "I Wish My Eyes Were Ernies" – 2:37 "Livin On Newton Hall" – 2:51 "What She Had With Huey" – 2:57 "I've Had Enough Omagaluf" – 3:07 "Livin La Vida Loca" (Chil) – 3:24 "The Anniversary Waltz" (Dubin, Franklin) – 1:12 "Were 21 Today" – 0:18

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