What is the correct spelling for MUUM?

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Correct spellings for MUUM

  • baum The air of semi-hostile, semi-anxious inquiry of the patrons and the smile of satisfaction covering the face of Baum appealed to them as the most ludicrous sight their eyes had seen for months, and they leaned back and roared with laughter, thus calling forth sundry looks of disapproval from the innocent causes of their merriment.
  • bum Now, we've sent Bum to grab her and bring her here, and Bum may have her by this time.
  • chum "My chum there's shaken by his fall, and I doubt if he's much good with his fists or a match for you.
  • guam The treaty, ratified February 6, 1899, provided that Spain should cede to the United States Guam , Porto Rico, Cuba and the Philippines, and that the United States should pay to Spain twenty millions of dollars.
  • gum Things like that can get loose during flight and really gum up the works."
  • hum And when a man hates the way he hates you, if he's bright he'll try to make things hum ."
  • ma'am "Glad to meet you, ma'am .
  • maim When she was little more than an infant it was a pleasure to her to catch flies, to pull off their wings, and maim them entirely.
  • mam She glanced into his room, and answered: 'I've got to go to mam and have my hair done.
  • maui But soon the heedless Sun hurried past again as fast as ever, entirely forgetting his promise to Maui .
  • maul That was the maul .
  • mom "Sure, Mom ," said Alec.
  • moue She made a little moue at me.
  • mu Regarding your questions: it is not the City State, but the National State which Mu ?
  • much Didn't see much of him.
  • muck There was a box running all across the sill of the long window, lighting the stairs, and it was full and running over with the delicious muck plant.
  • mud Peter Rabbit stared and stared at the tracks in the soft mud of the swamp in the Old Pasture.
  • mug She put some bread on the table, a mug of milk and a piece of cold meat.
  • muir Barrie and Mrs. Muir continued to stare at one another, but their expression had changed.
  • mule One of the robbers went into the stable to hunt, too, and a good mule kicked him dead.
  • mull And only Mull and Fresno showed up to-day.
  • mum "Oh yes, mum ,"-almost hurt.
  • mummy You are like Mummy , but you are much prettier....
  • murk Its folk could not be the same as those who lived within dark walls under a heaven that was usually but murk .
  • mus 83 Ruisdael, Landscape 84 Hobbema, The Water Wheel, Amsterdam Mus .
  • muse To muse upon his courtship or emotions was impossible.
  • museum British Museum , Basel Museum , etc.
  • mush "'I sould ike a bots of tea-sings wey mush !
  • muss "Let's see if it will muss .
  • mute She was also mute .
  • mutt "So he figures his mutt should go in his place.
  • muumuu
  • rum A bottle of rum made the talk go easy between them, and I heard the plan they were making.
  • sum 5583. Do you get a larger sum for your fish in that way?
  • tum Mayn't dey tum in now, mamma?
  • Fum "G'way fum me, 'Viticus Wisdom-gallivantin' round here like we was young niggehs!
  • Maud "No; Sarah Maud is the oldest-she helps do the washing; and Peter is the next.
  • Mun The provincial form mun, there or thereabouts equivalent in meaning to must, has no etymological connexion with this last named word.
  • UM Um-m-m, of course it is your secret.
  • YUM I'm not going to marry Yum -Yum, Yum -Yum.
  • MGM
  • MUMS Mums likes her immensely.
  • unmarkedly
  • agitprops
  • bed-roses
  • bed-table

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    mumu, umum.