What is the correct spelling for MYBE?

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Correct spellings for MYBE

  • abbe Adrienne took the abbe , and the candy, too, straight to the police.
  • babe For answer the woman hurled a log of wood at her; and she, fearful lest her babe should be hurt, departed, leaving the savage woman in possession of her home.
  • be I shall be sorry for the Kayes.
  • cube A child will, in the same way, see fishes in stones, and be content to put a cylinder upon a cube , and say that is papa on horseback.
  • gibe And through the porch, a jocund crowd, They rush, with heart-born laughter loud; And still the merry mimesters call, With jest and gibe , "Laugh, losels all!"
  • gybe The variation, trifling as it was, brought the wind on the opposite quarter, and caused the boom that distended her mainsail to gybe .
  • hebe Have you a Hebe ?
  • jibe The men about the Daily News office who clung to the Republican party through thick and thin, who endured, therefore, every scoff, jibe , and taunt which sin could devise, and who, preferring honorable death to the rewards of treachery, proudly cast their votes for the nominees of the grand old party,-these three men are entitled to places in the foremost rank of Christian martyrs.
  • lobe The weight of a single large lobe may reach 40 pounds.
  • lube
  • mace He's crawlin' up the stairs with the can of mace He's breakin' all the windows with your neighbor's face – Death Is Comin' To Get Me by beck
  • made Steered by a dragon-fly,--be not afraid To leave this wan and wave-kissed shore, surely the place were made – Charmides by Oscar Wilde
  • make Among the Suits, O Jove, my humbler take; A little give, I that Enough will make. – First Epigram: Upon Being Contented with a Little by Anne Killigrew
  • male For the female of the species is more deadly than the male. When Nag, the wayside cobra, hears the careless foot of man, He will sometimes wriggle sideways and avoid it if he can, But his mate makes no such motion where she camps beside the trail - – The Female of the Species by Rudyard Kipling
  • mane And smoothed his fetlocks and his mane, And slacked his girth, and stripped his rein, – Mazeppa by george gordon, lord byron
  • mare A farmer went trotting upon his gray mare, Bumpety, bumpety, bump! With his daughter behind him so rosy and fair, Lumpety, lumpety, lump! – The Farmer And The Raven (Mother Goose rhyme) by Unknown Author
  • mate Yee whose high worths surpassing paragon, could not on earth haue found one fit for mate, ne but in heauen matchable to none, why did ye stoup vnto so lowly state. – Sonnet LXVI by Edmund Spenser
  • maybe I think that maybe by bein' an 'A' student, baby baby – (What A) Wonderful World by Art Garfunkel
  • maze At wintry dawn, where o'er the sheep-track's maze The viewless snow-mist weaves a glist'ning haze, – Constancy To An Ideal Object by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • mb
  • mba
  • me
  • mere When he saw Fanny Mere he turned away again, in a hurry, to go out.
  • mike "Bring me another, Mike ," he ordered.
  • mile Bet you she's making a mile a minute right now."
  • mime Among the myriads Of men that live, or have lived, or shall live What is a single life, or thine or mime , That we should think all nature would stand still If we were gone?
  • mine Why, he's a friend of mine .
  • mire For his part, he had never met with any one more fascinating; he could not cease dreaming of her, and the thought that she might be swallowed up in the foul mire of a great city made him miserable.
  • mite "Not I." "Didn't even give them a wee mite of hope?"
  • mob But of course the truth about our made-to-order mob could not be kept very long.
  • mode I say often, not always; for we do not say that two visible objects, two persons for instance, are the same, because they are so much alike that one might be mistaken for the other: but we constantly use this mode of expression when speaking of feelings; as when I say that the sight of any object gives me the same sensation or emotion to-day that it did yesterday, or the same which it gives to some other person.
  • mole The mole she knew to be on her husband's shoulder, high up on the left side.
  • mope I shall mope a while; but there is metal in me which needs but proper molding.
  • more "I do not believe he can tell anything more .
  • mote And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
  • moue
  • move
  • mule
  • muse
  • mute
  • myna
  • myth
  • robe Girls wore a linen skirt embroidered in colours and fastened with a bright sash, or suspended from the shoulders, and over this a loose transparent robe with long sleeves.
  • rube
  • tube
  • yb
  • Mete
  • Mice
  • Moe Such were the Philosophicall works of Lucretius Carus among the Romaines, the Astronomicall of Aratus and Manilius, one Greeke th'other Latine, the Medicinall of Nicander, and that of Oprianus of hunting and fishes, and many moe that were too long to recite in this place.
  • My
  • meme The French original of Piron is this: "Ci git Piron; qui ne fut rien; Pas meme acadamicien."
  • vibe
  • Abe
  • Mabel
  • Myra Myra Whitewell, who stood near, impatiently turned away.
  • Kobe
  • Mable
  • Mae
  • MME
  • MYS Two creoles, Feodor Mertchenin and Stepnoff, stated, that about twenty-five years ago at Tolstoj-mys, on the east side of the island, they had seen an animal unknown to them which was very thick before, but grew smaller behind, had small fore-feet, and appeared with a length of about fifteen feet above water, now raising itself up, now lowering itself.
  • MLLE
  • MOBS
  • maybes
  • aggros
  • bedsheet
  • bedsheets

3 words made from the letters MYBE

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    bey, bye.