What is the correct spelling for MZ?

When encountering the misspelling "mz", one possible correction could be "my". "Mz" may have been intended as a shortening of "Mrs"., but if this is the case, using "my" instead maintains correct grammar. Another option is to spell the word out in full, such as "miss" or "Ms".

Correct spellings for MZ

  • az
  • CZ
  • DMZ The DMZ is a well-known border area which divides North and South Korea.
  • DZ I'm going to the DZ to get some cigarettes.
  • hz The frequency of the sound waves was measured in hz.
  • M Maryam's favorite letter is "M".
  • ma "Ma, can you help me with my homework?" asked the young student.
  • mb
  • mc McDonald's, often shortened to Mc, is a famous fast-food chain.
  • md The patient was referred to the best MD in the city for further diagnosis.
  • me
  • mg Lie down and mg on the pillow for support.
  • mhz She was clicking her tongue at the fast mhz rate.
  • mi I need to get mi phone.
  • MK The team's newest player is MK.
  • ml The medicine dosage is measured in ml.
  • mn
  • mo In some cultures, "mo" is used as a term of endearment or friendship.
  • mp
  • mt Christopher Columbus nicknamed the island of Trinidad "mt. Trinidad" in honor of Saint Thomas, one of the twelve apostles.
  • mu
  • MW My wife's winery has an MW.
  • My My grandmother always cooks her famous apple pie for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • NZ I have always wanted to visit NZ and explore its stunning natural beauty.
  • Oz The oz is the unit of measure for weight in the United States and formerly in the United Kingdom.
  • Z