What is the correct spelling for NAIONAL?

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Correct spellings for NAIONAL

  • anneal
  • annual
  • annul If it can annul a man's right to himself, held by express grant from his Maker, and can create for another an artificial title to him, can it not annul the artificial title, and leave the original owner to hold himself by his original title?
  • banal A banal remark is equally fatal.
  • canal Not a breath stirred the water of the canal , upon which theirs was the only moving craft.
  • carnal Its delights, being merely carnal ones, could be as well or better enjoyed without a soul, and the latter might be booked for the Christian heaven, with only just enough of the body to attach a pair of wings to.
  • final Rather cold comfort it seems at first to assure a person who is helpless that character is the greatest thing in the world, but that is the final truth.
  • nail And, with her finger pointed at la Peyrade, she seemed to nail the miserable object of her terror to his place.
  • nan She would come, sometimes, with her brother, Nan -ta-qua-us, sometimes with the runner, Ra-bun-ta, and sometimes with certain of her girl followers.
  • nanak In the middle ages Kabir and Nanak , and in our own times the leaders of the Brahmo Samaj, break away from and denounce ceremonial Hinduism: again and again the great Sufis have led reforms within Islam.
  • narwhal There are no less than three elephants, a rhinoceros and hippopotamus, a large extinct beaver, and several large estuarine and marine mammalia, such as the walrus, the narwhal , and the whale.
  • nasal Yet all this does not suffice, for many adjacent parts unite in completing the sensation -viz: jaws, palate, and especially the nasal tube, to which physiologists have perhaps not paid attention enough.
  • natal Our burst of natal joy Must not be sullied by so mean a thing: Aid shall be rendered.
  • national In it she advised the audience when anxious to settle any question of personal or national interest to "Put it up to the Man in the Moon.
  • nationally
  • naval
  • neon
  • neonatal She's in neonatal care right now, hooked up to life-support equipment.
  • neuronal
  • nina
  • nine
  • noel
  • nominal
  • nona Yet Nona felt that she did not wish to look into her companion's eyes.
  • none
  • noon
  • notional No doubt there are yet some shaded patches where the dew still struggles with the desiccating sun-old-world sanctuaries of Catholicism whose dwellers hardly realize the existence of unbelief or heresy, or who give at best a lazy, notional assent to the fact.
  • nylon
  • pianola If you listen to a man playing the pianola without looking at him, you will have images of his hands on the keys as if he were playing the piano; if you suddenly look at him while you are absorbed in the music, you will experience a shock of surprise when you notice that his hands are not touching the notes.
  • tonal In other words, the student should strive to acquire the ability to form the tonal picture in his mind, rather than the note picture.
  • zonal As regards life-zones, the occurrence of Dipodomys ordii in the lower part of the Lower Sonoran Life-zone on the off-shore beach 88 and 90 miles south of Matamoros is low zonal ly and perhaps is at or near the zonal margin of the range of the species.
  • Lionel
  • Nailing And other carpenters had just begun nailing boards on to the outside of the up-and-down beams, and there was a great noise of hammering.
  • Nodal Many times, when I have got upon the cars, expecting to be magnetized into an hour or two of blissful reverie, my thoughts shaken up by the vibrations into all sorts of new and pleasing patterns, arranging themselves in curves and nodal points, like the grains of sand in Chladni's famous experiment,-fresh ideas coming up to the surface, as the kernels do when a measure of corn is jolted in a farmer's wagon,-all this without volition, the mechanical impulse alone keeping the thoughts in motion, as the mere act of carrying certain watches in the pocket keeps them wound up,-many times, I say, just as my brain was beginning to creep and hum with this delicious locomotive intoxication, some dear detestable friend, cordial, intelligent, social, radiant, has come up and sat down by me and opened a conversation which has broken my day-dream, unharnessed the flying horses that were whirling along my fancies and hitched on the old weary omnibus-team of every-day associations, fatigued my hearing and attention, exhausted my voice, and milked the breasts of my thought dry during the hour when they should have been filling themselves full of fresh juices.
  • Non
  • Notionally
  • ninja
  • Nolan Burning the bridge and destroying four miles of road, the command moved on to Nolan , where another block-house was captured and a bridge burned.
  • Nicola
  • Oneal
  • Danial
  • NAAN
  • Narnia
  • canola

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