What is the correct spelling for NARB?

If you meant to type "narc", it could be a slang term for a narcotics officer or someone who informs on others to the authorities. If you were intending to write "nab", it means to catch or seize someone or something. Both these options may be what you were intending to write instead of "narb".

Correct spellings for NARB

  • ARB
  • Barb Barb loves to spend her evenings knitting and watching classic movies.
  • Carb I try to limit my carb intake for my health.
  • Garb The actors were dressed in traditional medieval garb for the play.
  • NAB My supervisor asked me to NAB the file from the cabinet.
  • Nab The security guard was quick to nab the shoplifter as he tried to leave the store.
  • NARA "Today, I visited the NARA museum in Japan and learned about the country's fascinating history."
  • Narc
  • Nark
  • Nary Nary a cloud was in the sky, making for a perfect day at the beach.
  • NLRB The NLRB oversees union elections and investigates unfair labor practices.