What is the correct spelling for NAROWLY?

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Correct spellings for NAROWLY

  • barely Barely had his feet touched the ground than he felt a rough hand on his shoulder.
  • brawl I am not interfering about a card quarrel, sir, or a contemptible brawl about some profligate woman.
  • brolly
  • carol He could hear the whispers of the singers as they chose another carol and suddenly above the dark iron gates of the garden appeared the broad red face of the sun.
  • crawl He had to "crawl," of course.
  • drawl There was only the slightest suggestion of an accent to her English, and over the faint Spanish intonations she tried to impose the broad a's of something resembling the Oxford drawl .
  • enrol They saw that His miracles were not the clever tricks of an impostor, and they were prepared to listen to His teaching and enrol themselves as members of the kingdom He came to found.
  • enroll For his part, he looked forward to the day when, by a further subscription of ten-and-six, he would enroll himself as a member of the Athletic Club.
  • gnarly I don't care for that, the heart of the tree is very good and the sap still runs as in the old apple trees in my garden, which bear fruit all the better the more gnarly they are.
  • growl Gebhr even started to dash towards him, but one hollow growl riveted him to the spot.
  • naively Especially when he doesn't want to give you any, she added naively .
  • namely The peasantry have pride enough to resist this in the only way which is open to them; namely , by keeping their children from attending the schools.
  • narrow Kent glanced quickly around the place as he walked up the narrow path to the house.
  • narrowly He watched her narrowly .
  • narwhal Then from some cold crag we launched with wings of fire-breathing pestilence and fell fathoms under sea to war with lizard-fish and narwhal .
  • nary I looked close all around, and there wasn't nary a track of man or horse.
  • nasally He ended by marrying the daughter of Pferd the brewer, who had been at an American school in Indianapolis, and had come home as fragilely and nasally American as anybody.
  • nattily As he spoke, the nattily -gloved youth left the card-table and joined the two sisters.
  • nearly "I nearly came by the later train," she said.
  • nero Do you remember our learning in those happy days at Bethlehem of the slaughter of Christians by Nero ?
  • newly The ice, though newly crevassed, improved as we advanced.
  • nobly As for poor Than-Sing, he was at first mistaken for a pirate, and had some half-dozen fists shaken in his face; but I ran and stood beside him, and Captain Rooney told them how he had saved us all, and how nobly he had behaved from first to last.
  • noel Waiting in a Drawing Room Stars and the Dead The Old Lady and the Cat This Green Weather-Vane Noel Immortality Release I Run With the Fox Better to be proud and hunted Than to ride with the Pink Coats.
  • parole To themselves personally, however, they did no harm; and if by chance Ritter Jobst fell into the hands of Ritter Kurt, the latter would say, 'Ritter Jobst, you are my prisoner on parole , and must pay me a ransom of five hundred thalers.
  • prowl It wandered up and down the village like a bear on the prowl for something good to eat.
  • rally The Dutchman was full of fight; and Cashel suddenly turned weak and tried to back out of the rally .
  • rarely Fortunately the sea is mostly quite smooth within the shelter of the archipelago, otherwise steam-vessels would rarely enter it.
  • rely We now have to rely on tables to tell us the number of miles in a degree of longitude at every distance North or South of the equator, i.
  • roil "I suppose," said Minnie, with mock meekness, "that if we're to be devoured, it's no use saying we didn't roil the brook.
  • role When I assume the role , I mean to carry it out.
  • roll Or I will roll myself in my blanket, and sleep outside your door.
  • trawl It was the bridle used on a deep-sea trawl that went down to 1000 fathoms beneath the surface of the Atlantic.
  • unroll Hilda, her eyes half closed, watched the neat German landscape unroll itself.
  • unruly Jenieve desired to grasp her by the shoulder and walk her into the house; but when the world, especially Jean Bati' McClure's wife, is watching to see how you manage an unruly mother, it is necessary to use some adroitness.
  • warily Aron watched him warily .
  • Narrows The "bar pilot" steers the ship through the narrows and out into the Gulf.
  • Narrower They seemed to have grown narrower and brighter with desire.
  • Crawly Four pegs and four imaginary lines, a deal of grass with a substrata of crawly things.
  • Raoul Raoul put this record in the stone to mark his grave.
  • Daryl
  • Karol The feelings of Chopin for his gifted companion are best painted by herself in the pages of "Lucrezia Floriani," where she is the "Floriani," Liszt "Count Salvator Albani," and Chopin "Prince Karol :" "It seemed as if this fragile being was absorbed and consumed by the strength of his affection....
  • Carole
  • drolly There's one thing"-and she eyed Patty drolly -"I can trust you to be accurate."
  • Crowley

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