What is the correct spelling for NASUL?

If you meant to type "nasal" but mistakenly wrote "nasul", here are some correct suggestions. "Nasal" refers to anything related to the nose. Double-check your spelling to avoid confusion.

Correct spellings for NASUL

  • asl It's important to always ask for someone's ASL before talking to them online.
  • basal She had a basal cell carcinoma removed from her face.
  • basel Basel is a city in Switzerland known for its beautiful architecture and museums.
  • basil This recipe calls for a basil pesto.
  • casual I like to dress casual on Fridays at work.
  • easel I am painting a picture on an easel.
  • mosul Mosul is known for its historical landmarks and cultural significance.
  • nail She has a healthy nail.
  • nasa NASA is a federal agency charged with advancing space exploration.
  • nasal He could hear the nasal twang in her voice.
  • nasals Nasals are consonant sounds where airflow is blocked by the tongue and released through the nasal cavity.
  • nasty It was a nasty day out.
  • natal She celebrated her natal day with a big party.
  • NATL The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is a prestigious organization that hosts the NATL Awards.
  • naval Are you affiliated with the naval academy?
  • navel I have a tattoo of a navel on my bellybutton.
  • saul In the Bible, Saul was the first king of Israel.