What is the correct spelling for NAU?

If you've misspelled "nau", here are some possible correct suggestions. You may have been trying to type "now", which means the present moment. Another option is "Nao", which is a Portuguese word meaning "no". Lastly, consider "nausea", which refers to the feeling of sickness or queasiness. Remember to double-check your spelling next time to avoid confusion.

Correct spellings for NAU

  • au Ma voiture a besoin d'au moins 50 litres d'essence pour faire un long voyage.
  • na
  • nab The police were finally able to nab the thief who had been stealing from the convenience store.
  • NAE
  • nag I try not to nag my parents about my curfew, but sometimes I worry.
  • NAH "Are you going to the party tonight?" "Nah, I'm not feeling well."
  • Nam I don't have a personal affiliation with Nam, since I wasn't alive during the Vietnam War.
  • nan
  • nap I need to take a quick nap before going out tonight.
  • Nat
  • nay The motion was quickly voted down with a resounding "nay" from the members of the committee.
  • nu Nu is a common interjection used to express surprise or confusion in Yiddish.
  • tau The tau particle is a type of subatomic particle.

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