What is the correct spelling for NEAIR?

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Correct spellings for NEAIR

  • air Will it all vanish into air ? As I stood by yon roofless tower, Where the wa'flower scents the dewy air, Where the howlet mourns in her ivy bower, And tells the midnight moon her care. – A Vision by Robert Burns
  • bear I have to bear a thousand mortifications every day. There's a sigh for aye, and a sigh for nay, And a sigh for "I can't bear it!" O what can be done, shall we stay or run? O cut the sweet apple and share it! – O Blush Not So! by John Keats
  • dear I congratulate you, my dear fellow; I should like to hear about it. Unless in your purity, soul-clean and dear, God whispers his messages into your ear. – To Louise by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • ear Clumsily kneeling, Stuart put his ear to the wounded man's heart. God said, ``A praise is in mine ear; ``There is no doubt in it, no fear: – Boy And the Angel, The by Robert Browning
  • fair The boys had now a fair view of them, and a beautiful sight it was.
  • fear And I have more to fear from him than you think. Then why should conscious Spirits fear The mystic stirrings that are here, – Wishing-gate, The by William Wordsworth
  • gear But when the driving gear is inside the back bearing as in Fig. Till with the dawn he saw a burnished spear Like a thin thread of gold against the sky, And hoisted sail, and strained the creaking gear, And bade the pilot head her lustily – Charmides by Oscar Wilde
  • hair I had chestnutty hair . When I found the moths were eating off the hair; And I had to scrape and sand 'em, And I boiled 'em and I tanned 'em, Till I got the fine morocco suit I wear. – Robinson Crusoe's Story by Charles E. Carryl
  • hear Shall I soon hear from you? With every evening's dust of gold to hear The bells upon the pasture height, the clear – Heroic Poem in Praise of Wine by Hilaire Belloc
  • heir The late earl, the friend of the most illustrious person in the kingdom, had not been utterly able to rob his heir of everything, or he would undoubtedly have done so. only one chair, who will sit there? is it the king? or is it the heir? – Trip To Jerusalem by eraserheads
  • lair The place served chiefly as the lair of Miss Spencer, who was as well known and as important as Jules himself. Down in their sanctuary, their hiding in their lair. The sorcerers of justice will be waiting for them there. – Trial By Fire by blind guardian
  • lear "Mrs. Lear was talking to Silas Malcom I'm sure," she concluded. Knockin' at the door "My name" he said "is Farmer Lear – In A Cabin In The Woods by sesame street
  • meir In the third small room, filled with beds and trunks, Meir perceived, by the light of a small lamp burning in the stove around which was suspended a quantity of cabbages, a woman who was rocking a cradle with her foot, and trying to lull to sleep a crying child.
  • na "But she's na ma wife," protested Mr. MacFie. Ba na na na na na na na na na na Ah, ba da da da ba da – 5446 That's My Number/Ball And Chain by sublime
  • nadir It was as though in its long sleep her human self had gathered more than human strength, and that now, awakened and unleashed, the violence of its rage touched the vibrant zenith of that sphere of which her quiet had been the nadir .
  • naif
  • nail Making love tooth and nail You gave me the kiss of my life I might even live to tell the tale – Kid About It by Elvis Costello
  • nay I have little more to say, So will you, yea or nay, – A Man And A Maid (Mother Goose rhyme) by Unknown Author
  • ne Sagashite iru no ne Mo modoranai tsumori Ryokin senpo barai de Anata ni sayonara suru – Kdd by Pizzicato Five
  • ne'er
  • neap
  • near But the stars came out and they danced about ere again I ventured near; I was sick with dread, but I bravely said: "I'll just take a peep inside. I guess he's cooked, and it's time I looked;" ... then the door I opened wide. And there sat Sam, looking cool and calm, in the heart of the furnace roar; – The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert W. Service
  • nearer It seems that the answer is nearer But as soon as you touch It still doesn't feel any clearer – Greatest Journey by Kim Wilde
  • neat Shut the door and make it clean and neat now You've been so discreet now – Heart Of Hearts by face to face
  • nee
  • neigh With a wild neigh of terror the animal fell bodily into the pit, drawing the buggy and its occupants after him.
  • never More, I will do what I have never done.
  • new He seemed a part of my new life.
  • ni From this quest Janni would certainly never return, for there dwelt ni ne brothers of the Drakos, each of whom had three heads.
  • noah The farmer's habits were well known, and the ruffians of the mountains were aware that after he had shut himself in he was much like Noah in his ark.
  • pair She picked a pair up, and said with a kind little smile: "I hardly expected to find you doing this."
  • pear You haven't paid me for the pear !
  • rear The question was: Which is the better place to rear a man, the city or the country?
  • sear
  • tear
  • wear
  • weir
  • year
  • Neal
  • Nor
  • NIH
  • Neil
  • Nevi
  • nears
  • NAE Nae doot that's blaudit mony a face-'the want o' original richteousness, and the corruption o' our whole natur'.
  • NAH CONTENTS I-The Silver Lining II-Telltale Tidings III-Over the Hills and Far Away IV-Woo Nah and the Fortunes V-On Their Way VI-Journey De Luxe VII-Lost-a Girl VIII-New York at Last IX-Girls' Life a La Mode X-Fears and Fancies XI-A Strange Predicament XII-Wellington En Masse XIII-Stirring the Depths XIV-Baffling Strategy XV-Election Night XVI-Politics Et Al XVII-Potential Enemies XVIII-The Woes of "Alias Helen" XIX-Teams and Teamsters XX-Stemming the Tide XXI-The Two Jays XXII-Jane Allen: Center XXIII-The Barn Swifts-a Tragedy XXIV-A Clue to the Mystery XXV-To the Victors XXVI-Angels Unawares XXVII-What the "Bugle" Blew XXVIII-Madam Nalasky XXIX-The Boy Stanislaus XXX-The Acorn and the Oak
  • NEH
  • NAIR
  • neath
  • neater

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