What is the correct spelling for NECELY?

If you intended to write "necely" but realized it's a misspelling, here are some possible correct suggestions. Perhaps you meant to write "nicely", which implies being pleasant or kind. Alternatively, "nearly" could fit if you were referring to something that was close to a particular state or condition. Double-check your intended meaning to pick the most appropriate correction.

Correct spellings for NECELY

  • Cecily Cecily is excited to be starting her new job at the marketing firm.
  • namely I have a few favorite hobbies, namely reading, drawing, and hiking.
  • nearly I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the final score.
  • neatly She neatly tied her shoelaces before heading out for a run.
  • Nelly Nelly is my pet rabbit that loves to play with her toys.
  • newel She held onto the newel post tightly as she descended the staircase.
  • newly I have newly discovered my love for reading.
  • nicely She smiled nicely at the guests as they entered the room.
  • nicety The nicety of adding fresh herbs to the dish really elevated its flavor.

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