What is the correct spelling for NEDIA?

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Correct spellings for NEDIA

  • edda There is a suggestive word from the old Scandinavian Edda , "Go often to the house of thy friend; for weeds soon choke up the unused path."
  • india He loved me long ago, and went to India to make money; now he says he has enough and to spare; and he asks me if I have forgotten.
  • leda After this he got acquainted with Leda , the wife of Tyndarus: and he had children at the siege of Troy.
  • lydia Having lowered the shade, Lydia sat down, leaving the length of the carriage between herself and Gannett.
  • medea It was, like the Medea of Ennius, a translation from Euripides.
  • media Pharnus, king of Media , came out to meet him with a strong force, but he was nevertheless defeated, and crucified with his wife and seven children, and Ninus placed one of his own trusty men as viceroy over Media .
  • nadir This magnificent work was taken away by Nadir Pasha.
  • naiad Had the stream been a Naiad she could not have given him the go-by more coquettishly.
  • nd Consecrated by sorrow, purified by repentance, was it vain in me to hope that her spirit a nd my spirit might yet be united again?
  • neat Filled with self-condemnation at the sight of her sister's helpfulness, she dashed upstairs to do her part in getting all neat for the day.
  • need Don't need thim up here!
  • needy To have studied at Cambridge, gallantly run through a fortune, and be in very needy circumstances, were exactly the qualifications to be expected in a man of genius.
  • nerd Ooh this herb, got me geekin like a nerd F what you heard, federal roll like a bird – Gimme What You Got (Remix) by St. Lunatics
  • net Ye that were glad and fleet and strong, Shall Silence take you in her net? And shall Death quell that radiant song Whose echo thrills the meadow yet? – To a Blackbird and His Mate Who Died in the Spring by Joyce Kilmer
  • neva
  • newt
  • nit Fu-nit is a curly-haired Bontoc man of about 45 years of age.
  • nod Here be, without duck or nod, Other trippings to be trod – Comus by John Milton
  • node
  • nubia And there, too, was Ellen Ember, wearing a white book muslin and a rosy "nubia" that had been her mother's; and Ellen's face was uplifted, and of pale distinction under the bronze glory of her hair, but all that evening she smiled and sang and wondered, in utter absence of the spirit.
  • oneida 1978 The Long Necked Bottle, Swamp Press, Oneida .
  • veda
  • Noddy
  • Ned Ol' Mis' cried w'en mastah lef' huh, young Miss mou'ned huh brothah Ned , An' I did n't know dey feelin's is de ve'y wo'ds dey said – When Dey 'Listed Colored Soldiers by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • Neil And brand new day neil That intro?s unreal – The Art by Unknown Author
  • Nadia Now Get A Rating Thats Less Than A It's True, I Been Talking To Aleshia, Keisha And Nadia – Special by drake
  • Nettie Of course I can never like Nettie as I have liked you, and I feel a twinge every time I remember the dear old times.
  • Nita If only- Over the top of Viola's head I looked across at Nita Ordway, and a sudden joyous purpose lighted all the air about me-as a joyous purpose will.
  • Nader Founded in Cincinnati in 1984, Buffalo Wings & Rings was purchased in 2005 by a management team led by Philip Schram, Nader Masadeh and Haytham David, each of whom took a senior management role with the company.
  • Nelda It was past eleven when he arrived, and for once, Nelda got home early.
  • Lidia Seville is so renowned in the annals of the great Spanish sport of bull-fighting, that I propose to devote a chapter to a brief history and description of the 'science of tauromachia,' or the recreation of the lidia.
  • Nevi
  • JEDI This is common among role-players, particularly within the Star Wars community, where they can create their own Jedi (or Sith) character and blog as them.
  • NEUT Joe wondered, even as he slid away from them, how they managed to escape detection from the Sov-world and Neut -world field observers.
  • needier It is always great for a big man to take on his soul the troubles of those needier than himself.
  • nerdy Buffy then takes Willow to stand in front of a classroom in the same nerdy clothes she wore in "Welcome to the Hellmouth" and "The Harvest" at the beginning of the series.

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