What is the correct spelling for NEDID?

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Correct spellings for NEDID

  • candid His face was beautiful with the beauty of features, clean cut and strong, but more with the beauty of a clear, candid soul.
  • dad "I know that, dad .
  • dead "My mother is dead ," answered 'Lena.
  • deed He worn't deed then, but he died next mornin'.
  • dido Bald war Dido , bald die babylonische Hure zu sehen u.
  • dod DOD Contractors perform transportation flights from the air station to NALF San Clemente Island.
  • dud "Looking for two lost donkeys," retorted Dan, who was learning to give Dud as good as he sent.
  • edit An artificial oversoul she is, that may presently break down and reveal a human being beneath it. She is still in that schoolgirl phase when a talkative old man is more interesting than a tongue-tied young one, and when to be an eminent mathematician, say, or to edit a daily paper, seems as fine an ambition as any girl need aspire to. Bechaniel was to have helped her to attain that in the most expeditious manner, and here he is beside her, talking enigmatical phrases about passion, looking at her with the oddest expression, and once, and that was his gravest offence, offering to kiss her. At any rate he has apologised.
  • ended No doubt you are rejoicing that the long struggle is so nearly ended ?
  • fetid Foul and fetid as were the waters of the Dead Sea, they were constantly lashed by a healthful and purifying agitation.
  • indeed
  • knead
  • nadir And with this consoling comment he was gone, and I was left in the dawn of my first morning in San Francisco, mind and body at the nadir of depression after the excitement and perils of the night.
  • naiad These fish, carefully treated and fed, will become so tame as to eat out of your hand, like the "Naiad Queen" of Professors Ackley and Garlick, of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • nd
  • need
  • needed
  • needy
  • nerd
  • nereid
  • net
  • netted
  • nit
  • nod
  • noted
  • nudity
  • ted
  • teddy
  • tend
  • Ceded This authority, however, omits to mention just exactly how this important piece of Chinese territory came to be ceded to Great Britain.
  • Denied Further sight was denied them.
  • Did I suppose he did.
  • Died His mother and father, whether or not they had died before him, came to meet him.
  • Eddied Till toward the center set the starry tides, And eddied into suns, that wheeling cast The planets: then the monster, then the man.
  • Endued Wordsworth might well wish that some dramatic tale, endued with livelier shapes and flinging out less guarded words, might set forth the lessons of his experience.
  • Fended Burke was determined to remain leader, however, and fended off several leadership challenges by Mills, with the support of several influential MPs, such as Jodeen Carney.
  • Kneaded
  • Kneed
  • Mended
  • Nodded
  • Noddy
  • Pended
  • Tended
  • Undid
  • Vended
  • Wended
  • Ned
  • Nadia
  • needled
  • TDD
  • redid
  • needier
  • nerdy
  • geddit

17 words made from the letters NEDID