What is the correct spelling for NEPHUE?

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Correct spellings for NEPHUE

  • naive Hunter wasn't naive enough to suppose they had kept her in center-city. I was young and naive I wore my heart on my sleeve – End Of An Era by Ben Lee
  • nape Mary Grant, in her short gray skirt and coat, with her lovely hair in an awkwardly done clump at the nape of a slender neck, looked a mere schoolgirl.
  • ne "Que voulez-vous, Mademoiselle," the old man continued, shrugging his shoulders, "Jolie Annette ne chante pas mal, hein?" Tech N9ne I got the planet rock with me – Planet Rock 2k (Down South Mix) by tech n9ne
  • neap The spring tide is lunar plus solar; the neap tide is lunar minus solar.
  • nee (Nocte, inter 16 et 17 Junii, 1783[a]) Summe pater, quodcunque tuum[b] de corpore Numen[c] Hoc statuat[d], precibus[e] Christus adesse velit: Ingenio parcas, nee sit mihi culpa rogasse[f], Qua solum potero parte, placere[g] tibi. Hey yo! Nimotsu wa itsudemo sukuna me Daga dare hitori toshite oite ka nee~ – Joyride by Home Made Kazoku
  • negev The Negev Bedouin (Arabic: بدو النقب‎, Badū an-Naqab; Hebrew: הבדואים בנגב‬, HaBeduim BaNegev) are traditionally pastoral nomadic Arab tribes (Bedouin) living in the Negev region of Israel.
  • nehru In a letter dated 7 November 1959, Zhou told Nehru that the LAC consisted of "the so-called McMahon Line in the east and the line up to which each side exercises actual control in the west".
  • neigh There is the neigh of joy, upon returning home after a hard day's work, the neigh of distress, when he has strayed from his companions, the neigh of salutation that passes between two horses when they meet, and the neigh of terror when enemies are near.
  • neophyte As for the neophyte , he could not be blamed for screaming and kicking against the new existence he was entering, if the instinct of genius gave him any hint of it.
  • nephew My nephew , John Gurley, has spoken of you so often that I feel as if we were old friends. I like the way ya feel, two time to undress you Better than your sweet leather keys with ya nephew – Real Love by master p
  • nerve But that took nerve . -- Nor move, nor swerve Joint, muscle, or nerve, – Hand of Glory, The : The Nurse's Story by Richard Harris Barham
  • nervy
  • nether
  • neuter The word ridden does not agree with horse, since it is of the neuter gender.
  • neva Takes his trip across every winter reg'lar, and I suppose he's as much at home on Unter den Linden, or the Place de Concord or Neva Prospect as he is on Tremont-st.
  • never I never was so happy!
  • nevus
  • new I said, 'Happy New Year,' Mr. Symmes.
  • nh
  • niche The baths are of stone, and consist of two large rooms, in each of which is a niche , through which the hot water passes.
  • np
  • nv
  • nymph Remarkably so; and they are the work of our wood nymph .
  • phi Suppose Phi takes a fancy to cross without us?
  • phone The man was saying, "-reason why you couldn't report on the phone ?
  • revue In the few months since its publication, it has been read by hundreds of thousands of Italians; it has appeared in French translation in the Revue des Deux Mondes and in German in the Hochland; and it has been the storm centre of religious and literary debate.
  • Nope Nope-Mitch couldn't get away from vegetation, even in space.
  • Novae Bauer's Illustrationes Florae Novae Hollandiae, published in 1814, consisted of plates which were drawn, engraved and coloured by his own hand.
  • pH Up, and to Sir Ph .
  • NIH
  • newbie
  • Nashua In 1866, Col. Pierce removed to Nashua , for the purpose of engaging in the manufacture of card-board and glazed paper.
  • Nettie
  • Nev
  • Nellie Nellie, don't you know me?
  • Sophie
  • Nevi
  • nephews "If for the safety of your nephews -" "No, no," cried she, interrupting him, "read my fate in that of the lady of Glenshealeach!"
  • NF
  • NAH Negua, Nah . If a separate word, this is probably from neci, to disclose oneself, to show oneself; it is, however, a doubtful expression.
  • NERF The Buffy opening sequence provides credits at the beginning of each episode, with the accompanying music performed by Californian rock band Nerf Herder.
  • NEH "You're both likely to have a shot," she said as the sleigh drew up on a stone bridge and Miller and Kemp came over and saluted-big, raw-boned men on snow-shoes, wearing no outer coats over their thin woollen shirts, although every thermometer at Roya-Neh recorded zero.
  • NEUT
  • nervier
  • phew

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