What is the correct spelling for NEQUE?

If you have misspelled "neque" as "neqeu", here are some correct suggestions. First, try "neque" without the extra "u". Alternatively, you can use "necque", "necue" or "nequa". Ensure you choose the correct spelling based on the context and meaning you intend to convey. Proofreading can help avoid such mistakes in the future.

Correct spellings for NEQUE

  • cheque I always make sure to write the correct amount when I fill out a cheque.
  • nee Jane Doe, nee Smith, is now officially Jane Johnson after getting married.
  • nerve It really set my nerve on edge.
  • NEUT
  • pique She tried to hide her pique at not being chosen for the lead role.
  • Que Que hermosa es esta vista - How beautiful is this view.
  • segue The speaker made a smooth segue from discussing the topic of the party to talking about her favorite party pleaser.
  • toque I need to change my toque.
  • Tuque My dad always wears a tuque when he goes ice skating.
  • unique This dress is unique and will make you stand out from the crowd.