What is the correct spelling for NER'ZUL?

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Correct spellings for NER'ZUL

  • bezel He moved his hand, and the sunlight struck green beams from the bezel of the strange ring upon his finger.
  • cell Until I saw Miss Ballard here in this cell I thought my cousin dead.
  • gnarl "That is the truth," said Iaran in a voice of lamentation, and her face took on a gnarl and a writhe and a solidity of ugly woe that beat the other two and made even her father marvel.
  • kneel But Herr von Hohenau stood erect, saying with a loud voice, 'Get up, Dorn, it is not meet for honest men to kneel to such a one!
  • knell To her it seemed that the hour of his release would sound the knell of the end of all things.
  • nail Then why don’t you go to work and nail it?
  • nasal His voice was very nasal , too.
  • nazi "The Nazi dogs," he snapped.
  • nearly It was nearly morning.
  • nebula Similarly, Professor Huxley admits that even his primeval cosmic nebula with the world potential in its womb, leaves something to desire.
  • nebular This does not affect the fundamental problems with which we are concerned, and leaving untouched, as it does, the question of the origin of Life it makes even less pretence than the cosmic-nebular hypothesis just spoken of to trace the operations of Nature to their ultimate source.
  • nepal Writing of Nepal , Dr. Scully remarks:-"In the valley it lays in May and June; some twenty nests were once examined on the 23rd June, and half the number then contained young birds."
  • nervously Then, as the girl was nervously afraid that Jane should imagine her unwilling to speak of her engagement: "If you come here, I suppose General Lingard will leave Rede Place?"
  • nestle I pass over them again, in thought, as I write these lines, longing to nestle amid them forever.
  • neural With this possibility, we are brought back to causal laws, and to the suggestion that many things which seem essentially mental are really neural .
  • newel From garret to cellar, thirty rooms in all; nothing but the hand-print on the newel -post and the opened trunk.
  • newly Here the newly -formed sheets of ice slid over each other as the great, ponderous fields stirred to and fro.
  • news Miss Wilson carried the news of the arrival of the box to Elizabeth.
  • newsreel They are the cosmic motion picture, as real and as unreal as the theater newsreel you have just seen-a play within a play.
  • normal The Eskimo is ever hungry, but his taste is normal .
  • nous Oh-h, mon vieux, il faut que je vous dis que nous avons une grande affaire.
  • nozzle He had flogged the beast, driving her with strings of oaths, his dog, a black and tan fury, yelping and snapping at her nozzle , until the blood streamed from it, and with a mutinous bellow she turned back to the mob again.
  • null The next morning, to my astonishment, a large force of men was put at work by the Company to cut through Columbia Street; basing its action on the alleged ground that the compromise was null and void because of a mutual mistake of the facts by the parties.
  • nuzzle Knickers had rushed to give Grant a hello nuzzle , happier to see him than Ally was.
  • saul It does so only in three cases; those of "Saul."
  • seal It was the seal on his success.
  • sell There I may sell enough to keep us well.
  • seoul "Korea is a land of trails and terraces," said a prominent missionary in that fair spot to me one day as we were riding from Fusan to Seoul .
  • snarl Iversen beat it away with a snarl .
  • soul This would be enough to keep body and soul together.
  • zeal They enter into her concerns with all the violent zeal and overwhelming sympathy with which little boarding-school ladies engage in the politics of a love affair.
  • zulu As long as you're alive a soldier or a sailor might as well be a Zulu ; useful for the length he can throw a spear or shoot an arrow, but useless as he now stands.
  • Knurl If the knurling is to be carried along the work to a greater length than the thickness of the knurl wheels, the lathe slide rest is slowly traversed the same as for a cutting tool.
  • Neal See Fitz-Neal Richard of Devizes, i.
  • Nebulae But he could identify quite a few of the bigger suns and distant nebulae.
  • Nelly Nelly played about, and talked in her pretty broken fashion.
  • Snell Snell, $1.25. The Macmillan Company of Canada, Ltd.
  • Neil He knew that his two brothers and his cousin Neil could swim like water-rats; and as for himself, though he would have given a good deal to get rid of his boots, he did not fear being able to get ashore.
  • Herzl Herzl was unaware of the existence of these works.
  • Nell Nell, let go of me!"
  • nears Swells the host until as Griesbach's Billows roaring loud, From the Eastward nears the army As a thunder cloud.
  • NZ
  • ESL
  • accruings
  • candy-coated
  • fluidic

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