What is the correct spelling for NEUMAN?

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Correct spellings for NEUMAN

  • bemoan This influence upon human lives is within our control, and it is a grave error to neglect what lies clearly within our power and to bemoan what does not.
  • demean "At least," and she spoke entreatingly now, "you will not demean yourself to let him know of the mistake.
  • feynman
  • german Can you speak German ?
  • gunman The substance of her cousin's words she apparently had not caught, and he repeated them in a louder voice: "There's your handsome Medicine Bend gunman !"
  • herman Herman Dietz was indeed indebted to him, and he believed the old German-American would do anything, lend him any amount of money, for instance, that he might ask for.
  • human They say, that accounts for his knowledge of human nature.
  • humane I'd love to be responsible for keeping you up all night, but I doubt that would be a humane act."
  • lineman Casey, the old lineman , grinned at him over the familiar short, black pipe.
  • man "Am I that man ?
  • mean Now you see what I mean ?
  • merman In the chief hall there sat a merman on a stately chair, with more jewels than all the rest about him.
  • naming But the men were naming any one themselves with whom they wished to deal, they would have the same option to deal with him, only they must deal with the same individual for the season.
  • nan What is it, Nan ?
  • neon But Plutarch means to say that the Tithora of which he speaks was the place to which the Phokians fled; and therefore Neon , the place from which they fled, cannot be Tithora, according to Plutarch; and the description of Tithorea by Herodotus, though very brief, agrees with the description of Plutarch.
  • neuron Proof of this is found in the fact that when any part of the neuron is separated from the cell-body, it dies, while the cell-body and the parts attached to the cell-body may continue to live.
  • newman Cardinal Newman in one of his lesser controversial tracts remarks: If the English people lodge power in the many, not in the few, what wonder that its operation is roundabout, clumsy, slow, intermittent, and disappointing?
  • newsman Something suspicious about the whole thing, from the beginning," the newsman was saying.
  • norma Multa renascentur quae iam cecidere cadentque Quae nunc sunt in honore vocabula si volet usus Quem penes artibrium est et ius et norma loquendi.
  • norman The sounds are no longer heard as the signal for putting out fires, as they were in the days of the Norman kings.
  • noun The tendency to accompany every noun by an adjective seems to belong to some deep-rooted human instinct.
  • nubian The Nubian troops had not been paid for two years, and when they claimed a portion of their arrears, they only met with a stern refusal.
  • numb My feet are numb !
  • nun The nun clapped her hands.
  • oman And my herds gave the milk, and my tent gave the shelter; And the stranger spell-bound me With his tales, all the night, of the far world of wonder, Of the ocean of Oman with pearls gleaming under; And I thought, "O, how mean are the tents' simple shelter And the valleys around me!"
  • penman These were Jericho Boswell, christened, I believe, Jasper, his daughter Rhona, and James Herne, called on account of his accomplishments as a penman the Scollard.
  • pneumonia She died when I was a year old, and just a month afterward my father died with pneumonia .
  • remain But there is my friend, and I must remain on this earth.
  • seaman For it was not a simple question of bearing witness to Mr. Spokesly's ability as a seaman , as a navigator, or as a desirable junior officer.
  • snowman I am sure I looked like a snowman .
  • unman Help me to bear it; you must not unman me."
  • yeoman The yeoman replied: "I know him very well; if you please to go along with me, I'll bring you to him immediately."
  • Newsmen You know what London is in a ferment of exciting events, and can therefore pretty well imagine the constant succession of reports, true and false, from hour to hour, the unceasing cries of the newsmen with 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th editions of all the newspapers, the running about of friends to one another's houses, the continual crossing of notes in the streets, each asking the same questions, the hopes and fears and the conjectures one hears and utters during the course of the day, and the state of blank, weary stupidity to which one is reduced by the end of it.
  • Lehman I may as well tell you that Henry Lehman was giving Red Gap a flash of form with his new barber shop-tiled floor, plate-glass front, exposed plumbing, and a manicure girl from Seattle; yes, sir, just like in the great wicked cities.
  • Normand He was put to the bad with a game pie,-pate normand aux fines herbes-the real thing, as good as a trip to Paris in itself.
  • NAAN
  • NORMANS The whole land in the kingdom was insufficient to satisfy the hungry Normans .
  • canninesses

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