What is the correct spelling for NID?

If you came across the misspelling "nid" and are wondering what the correct suggestions could be, here are a few possibilities: "kid", "lid", "mid" or "did". It's important to double-check your spelling to ensure accurate communication.

Correct spellings for NID

  • aid The aid workers provided food and medical assistance to the refugees.
  • bid I will put in a high bid for that rare antique vase.
  • Cid Cid became famous in the popular medieval Castilian epic poem "El Cantar de Mio Cid."
  • Did Did you hear the news about the hurricane coming our way?
  • enid
  • Hid She hid behind the door and waited for the surprise.
  • ID I need to show my ID at the airport to board the plane.
  • kid I used to love playing with my toy cars when I was a kid.
  • lid I put the lid back on the jar after using pepper.
  • mid
  • nd
  • Ned Ned couldn't believe how much he had grown since last year.
  • ni
  • nib
  • NIH The NIH is committed to advancing medical research to improve human health.
  • nil The team's efforts during the game amounted to nil as they couldn't score a single point.
  • nip I need to nip to the store for some milk.
  • nit
  • nix
  • nod The teacher gave a nod of approval to the student's excellent performance in the class.
  • rid I am eager to rid my closet of clothes I never wear.
  • Sid Sid loves to play video games with his friends.
  • Yid I am a Yid.

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