What is the correct spelling for NIGAL?

The misspelling "nigal" could be a result of accidentally transposing letters. To correct it, one should switch the "n" and "g" to form the word "ginal". Alternatively, one might mean "nigel" or "niguel", which are valid names. Double-checking spellings before finalizing is crucial to ensure accuracy.

Correct spellings for NIGAL

  • fugal Fabulous fugal performance by the violinist.
  • gal I went to the gal's house last night.
  • kigali I will be in Kigali tomorrow.
  • legal It is illegal to operate a vehicle without a valid driver's license, so ensure that you obtain one through legal means.
  • nasal I have a cold and am using nasal spray to help fight the infection.
  • natal My natal chart revealed interesting insights about my personality and life path.
  • naval Naval ships are used to protect coastal areas.
  • Neal He's the best basketball coach ever Neal has ever had.
  • nepal Nepal is a country in south-central Asia.
  • Nigel I met Nigel when I was out running last weekend.
  • niggle The niggle in my mind won't go away.
  • nil She gave me nothing but Nil.
  • Nodal Nodal was born with a unique ability to move through dimensions.
  • regal Her regal bearing was impressive.
  • rigel The Rigel star is one of the so-called "Praesepe" stars.
  • vigil My parents have been keeping a vigil for me since the accident.

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