What is the correct spelling for NIMAL?

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Correct spellings for NIMAL

  • animal To teach an animal to do tricks you have to know more than it does."
  • anomaly That they ought to do so is so evident that a devoted reader of them, to whom I was submitting the anomaly the other day, insisted that they did.
  • mail Phil went back to his desk and opened up the day's mail .
  • male I never see the male .
  • mali border countries: Algeria 463 km, Mali 2,237 km, Senegal 813 km, Western Sahara 1,561 km
  • mall Some idea of the enormous mass of reading-matter it contains may be gathered from the fact that its ordinary issue is fifty-two pages, a little larger than the Pall Mall , but containing five columns to the page and printed in the ordinary small type used in most daily papers, and known to printers as 'brevier.
  • marl Then you half-knot some half the inside yarns over that bit of wood you have there, and scrape the rest of them down over the others, and marl , parcel, and serve them together.
  • maul As Terri and Danny recuperate on a nearby dock, the anaconda appears one final time before Danny slams a splitting maul into the snakes head, killing it.
  • meal Why didn't you go up to the first house you came to and ask for a meal ?
  • menial When he grew up, he accepted the menial position of a school usher.
  • mil Arabian Nights (2015, in Portuguese: As Mil e uma Noites), a three-part film directed by Miguel Gomes, is based on One Thousand and One Nights.
  • mill "From the wind-mill at the gate," replied the other.
  • minimal Location: Eastern Europe, bordering on the Baltic Sea, between Sweden and Russia Map references: Arctic Region, Asia, Europe, Standard Time Zones of the World Area: total area: 64,100 sq km land area: 64,100 sq km comparative area: slightly larger than West Virginia Land boundaries: total 1,078 km, Belarus 141 km, Estonia 267 km, Lithuania 453 km, Russia 217 km Coastline: 531 km Maritime claims: exclusive economic zone: 200 nm territorial sea: 12 nm International disputes: the Abrene section of border ceded by the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic to Russia in 1944 Climate: maritime; wet, moderate winters Terrain: low plain Natural resources: minimal ; amber, peat, limestone, dolomite Land use: arable land: 27% permanent crops: 0% meadows and pastures: 13% forest and woodland: 39% other: 21% Irrigated land: 160 sq km (1990) Environment: current issues: air and water pollution because of a lack of waste conversion equipment; Gulf of Riga and Daugava River heavily polluted; contamination of soil and groundwater with chemicals and petroleum products at military bases natural hazards: NA international agreements: party to - Hazardous Wastes, Ship Pollution; signed, but not ratified - Biodiversity, Climate Change
  • ml Appletiser and Grapetiser contain no added sugar or colourants and are available in 750 ml , 250ml can (UK), 275 ml , 330 ml , 350 ml and 1.
  • nail I once jammed my nail at the bottom, and I expected to lose it.
  • name What was your father's name ?"
  • namely But, besides, Titus was not without an apology too for what he did, namely , that he put an end to the war only when he foresaw that the tyrant's destruction must have been attended with the ruin of the other Spartans.
  • nasal The forehead cannot be called narrow in relation to the rest of the skull, nor can it be called a retreating forehead; on the contrary, the antero-posterior contour of the skull is well arched, so that the distance along that contour, from the nasal depression to the occipital protuberance, measures about 13.75 inches.
  • natal Plainly, therefore, strong reinforcements-at least a division-must be hurried to Natal without an hour's unnecessary delay.
  • naval
  • nepal
  • niamey
  • nil
  • nile
  • nimble
  • nimbly
  • nm
  • nomad
  • nominal
  • norma
  • normal
  • normally
  • numeral
  • Nam This occurs especially in case of relative clauses, where qui is equivalent to et hic, nam hic, etc.; as,-
  • Neal
  • Nimbi
  • Nodal
  • Emil In the first place, a party of three, composed of Mr. Graham, Herr Emil Boss, and the Swiss guide Kauffman, have ascended more than 5,000 feet higher than the top of Elbruz, and none of the party experienced any serious effect, or, indeed, apparently any effect at all other than those naturally incidental to severe exertion.
  • Jamal Bradley ran behind the blocking of Jamal Anderson, who went on to be named NFL All-Pro in 1998 and played in Super Bowl XXXIII with the Atlanta Falcons.
  • Mel But being face to face with Mel made it different.
  • Neil
  • Nigel
  • Nicola
  • Nola
  • NATL
  • nimbler

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