What is the correct spelling for NIN?

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Correct spellings for NIN

  • bin Lord love a duck, I wish I'd bin there." Ich biege ab, denn mir sagt mein siebter Sinn Dass es besser ist, wenn ich 'n Single bin – Der 7. Sinn by Oli P
  • din That long night of exposure, of suspense, the fatigue of that rapid march, were forgotten in the rattle of musketry and the din of battle.
  • fin With Fin and the Knight of the Full Axe there went a messenger, who was careful not to go near the house; he pointed it out from a distance, and ran home.
  • gin And before she left he gin her a big check to use for her patients; I don't know exactly how big it wuz, but it went up into the hundreds, anyway; and Dorothy gin her one, too, for I see her write it; Miss Meechim gin her her blessin' and more'n a dozen tracts, which mebby will set well on the patients, if administered cautious.
  • in In the parlour, in the parlour.
  • inn At ten o'clock we stopped at an inn in a French village, and we had no more to fear.
  • kin The ancient union of France and England, and of Belgium and Germany with England, must have rendered those people near of kin ; while each adjoining nation, mixing with its neighbours, must have blended the whole human race in one great family of remote common origin.
  • lin Lin took this excuse to inspect the goods as her confidence in Cousin Charley was not entirely free from suspicion.
  • min But if the Great One shows signs of displeasure- Min -ta nodded.
  • nan Then Ethel spoke up bravely, "Don't be afraid, Nan ," for the little one looked sadly frightened and ready to cry; "we needn't any of us be afraid of our own dear kind Uncle Albert," and with that they all hastened into his presence.
  • ni Assi acabo este buen cauallero, por querer porfiar tanto en la execucion de lo que ni a su Rey ni a aquel Reyno conuenia: donde se causaron tantas muertes y danos de Espanoles, y de Yndios: aunque no tuuo tanta culpa como se la atribuye, porque lleuo preciso mandato de lo que hizo.
  • nib There were pen and ink and a supply of hotel note paper, which Micky looked at with great satisfaction, before he took up a pen, carefully examined the nib , squared his elbows and began to write.
  • nil But what profit is ours of nil these triumphs, so long as we cry not 'check' to Rome!
  • nina Wade withdrew unobstrusively, and stood beside Nina Ide.
  • nine It was nine kilometres to Valedolmo.
  • nip I wonder if that's so nobody'll nip 'em; an' oh, Peter, look at the pictures stickin' right on ter the dishes!
  • nit NCAA Division I Mens Basketball Tournament bids by school NCAA Division I Mens Basketball Tournament bids by school and conference NCAA Division I Mens Basketball Tournament records NAIA Mens Basketball Championships NIT all-time team records NIT bids by school and conference NIT championships and semifinal appearances NCAA Division I Mens basketball statistical leaders List of current NCAA Division I mens basketball coaches
  • nix "What's that you're singing, Nix ?" Coombsie was catching at a straw to divert thought from Bishop's grave.
  • nun Remember also the youthful Ephraim, the grandson of Nun , Thy faithful servant."
  • pin At first I could not understand how something seemed to move my pin .
  • sin It was wrong to defy and desert her master, but to obey him would be deadly sin .
  • tin Cut it out in round cakes, with the edge of a tumbler, or a tin of that size.
  • win He thinks to win more and more, and he thinks to buy another third from old Carbut.
  • Non Compertum habeo, milites, verba viris virtutem non addereI have discoveredI am in possession of the discovery.
  • Yin C'a ana part, lo fas anar E si ab la paret urtar Que l'auzer li tolc e l'vezer Et anet a terra cazer E l'sanc tot yin clar e vermeil I eis per lo nas e la bocha.....
  • NIH It also supports the conduct, management and analysis of studies across the spectrum of clinical research as defined by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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