What is the correct spelling for NINGA?

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Correct spellings for NINGA

  • ding Full one thousand and hundreds five, Ding dong, dong ding dong! Full one thousand and hundreds five, Who stand apart and groan bereft, Seeing for them no friends are left.
  • king "No. I should go and be a King .
  • ling He was pursued, harried, hounded from early morning till nightfall, and even in his bed would hear shrill shouts go down the sidewalk from the throats of juvenile fly-by-nights: "Oh dar-ling lit-oh darling lit-oh lit-le boy, lit-le boy, kiss me some more!"
  • ming K'ai-feng, city (see Yeh, Pien-liang) Kalmuk, Mongol tribes (see Oeloet) K'ang-hsi, period K'ang Yo-wei, politician and scholar Kansu, province (see Tunhuang) Kao-ch'ang, city state Kao, clan Kao-li, state (see Korea) Kao Ming , writer Kao Tsu, Han ruler Kao Tsung, T'ang ruler Kao Yang, ruler Kapok, textile fibre Kara Kitai, tribal federation Kashgar, city Kazak, tribal federation Khalif (see Caliph) Khamba, Tibetans Khan, Central Asian title Khocho, city Khotan, city King, position of first kings religious character of kingship (see Yao, Shun, Hsia dynasty, Emperor, Wang, Prince) Kitan (Ch'i-tan), tribal federation (see Liao dynasty) Ko-shu Han, general Korea (see Kao-li, Pai-chi, Sin-lo) K'ou Ch'ien-chih, Taoist Kowloon, city Ku Yen-wu, geographer Kuan Han-ch'ing, writer Kuang-hsue, period Kuang-wu Ti, Han ruler Kub(i)lai Khan, Mongol ruler Kung-sun Lung, philosopher K'ung Tz[)u] (Confucius) Kuomintang (KMT), party Kuo Wei, ruler Kuo Tz[)u]-hsing, rebel leader Kuo Tz[)u]-i, loyal general Kyakhta (Kiachta), city
  • nan "Nan, whether he is or not, if you'll tell us what Colonel Greenleaf wrote you I'll tell you-" For a second Anna stared, Miranda wrinkling; but then, with her eyes on the fleet, she shook her head: "You're mighty good, 'Randa, you and Con, never to have asked me in all these months; but neither he nor Hilary nor I will ever tell that.
  • nigh I've been running it nigh on two years now.
  • nina Nina Ide reached her before the others moved.
  • nine You must be more than nine ."
  • ninny Ninny Moulin again plunged his hand into his pocket, and this time drew forth an elegant chain, which he hung round Rose-Pompon's neck.
  • ninth Queen Louise died at Ostend on the 11th of October, 1850. She was only in her thirty-ninth year, not more than eight years older than Queen Victoria.
  • nona Salax taberna vosque contubernales, A pileatis nona fratribus pila, Solis putatis esse mentulas vobis, Solis licere, quidquid est puellarum, Confutuere et putare ceteros hircos?
  • none None o' that to-night!"
  • nun The chief leaders, on whom all eyes rested with trusting eagerness, were followed by old Nun and the Ephraimites.
  • ping "Him come along," cried Ping Wing in a shrill voice, meaning that supper was ready, as the two men with their water buckets entered the camp.
  • ring It did not ring , because it was a prisoner.
  • sing Then only did she sing softly to herself, and the birds came to listen.
  • ting And some tay you do yoost same ting for me, I bet.
  • wing "I was telegraphed for, from Washington, by a Mr. Wing ," he explained.
  • zing Don't tell o' zongs that be a-zung By young chaps now, wi' sheaemeless tongue: Zing me wold ditties, that would start The maiden's tears, or stir my heart To teaeke in life a manly peaert,- The wold vo'k's zongs that twold a teaele, An' vollow'd round their mugs o' eaele, The music o' the dead, John.
  • Non Octavius, who was wondering at his non-appearance with the boat, met him with a lantern at the float.
  • ninja He, along with Dora Ninja , Dora Gansaku, and Dora Chimaera were revived as ghosts in Bandoras Magic Realm when the Zyurangers went to rescue their Guardian Beasts.
  • Gina In their second regatta of the 2018 international season and in an Australian selection eight racing as the Georgina Hope Rinehart National Training Centre, in honour of Rowing Australia patron, Gina Rinehart, Booth won the 2018 Grand Challenge Cup at the Henley Royal Regatta.
  • Ina An-ina, too, was there, safe and well, and the sight of her had banished his worst anxieties.
  • Lina Lina, step aside-to the right-dear Lina , I entreat, I insist!
  • Nita Helen's remark about the Camping Fund started a new subject of conversation and opened the way for Nita to ask many questions about this summer dream of the Pioneers.
  • Tina Tina crouched in the corner of the carriage and watched the face of the Italian as if she were fascinated.
  • Dina Dina: Of course, you are a stranger-you cannot understand; but I must tell you-
  • NINES There had always been more or less bad blood between the two rival nines and now, when the Resolutes had taken a game that was almost won away from the Silver Stars, the feeling broke out anew.
  • Narnia As narrated in that book, after the Telmarine kings cut Narnia off from the sea, The Lone Islands - though in theory remaining a Narnia n possession - fell into the Calormene sphere of influence, becoming a major source of slaves for Calormen and adopting the Calormene Crescent as the islands currency.

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