What is the correct spelling for NISCE?

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Correct spellings for NISCE

  • anise When I reflected that by them and their devoted riders our civilization had been assimilated to that of the mother-country in its finest expression, and another tie added to those that bind us to her through the language of Shakespeare and Milton; that they had tamed the haughty spirit of the American farmer in several parts of the country so that he submitted for a consideration to have his crops ridden over, and that they had all but exterminated the ferocious anise -seed bag, once so common and destructive among us, I was in a fit mood to welcome the bars and hurdles which were now set up at four or five places for the purposes of the high-jumping.
  • ice Two days later I stood in the heavy parlor of that house,-I stood there with their old portraits looking down on me, and my heart was filled with ice -ice and fire.
  • nice Three years ago, however, dear Tom had made her write to Hew Lingard, and though Hew had refused her kind invitation, he had written quite a nice letter.
  • niche It was little more than a ledge which afforded Donalblane such timely sanctuary, and it did not lead far; but, about twenty feet from the ground, he found a sort of niche wherein he could dispose his exhausted body with some degree of comfort.
  • niece At last, and with the start of one who "suddenly bethought him of a precaution that ought not to be neglected," he said,-"Of course, this is so far all between ourselves, for if I was to go up straight to my Lady, and say, 'I want to marry your niece ,' I think I know what the answer would be."
  • noise The noise of the trouble had spread, and now Barton Reeve appeared on the scene.
  • noisy France and Russia felt it necessary to draw together in answer to the noisy renewal of the Triple Alliance.
  • noose There were strong cords in the room by him, of which he takes two, at the end of which he makes a noose , and, while the giant was unlocking the gate, he threw the ropes over each of the heads, and, drawing the other end across the beam, he pulled with all his strength until he had throttled them; and then, fastening the rope to the beam, turning towards the window he beheld the two giants to be black in their faces.
  • norse There are Norse names for French localities.
  • nose She wanted to cheer him; she wanted, with her little nose close to his face, to whisper her gratitude, but, as she could not find appropriate words, she only squeezed his neck yet more tightly and kissed his ear.
  • nsc
  • nurse With such a nurse one need not fear about a child.
  • nyse And the best city in the Isle of Pentexoire is Nyse , that is a full royal city and a noble, and full rich.
  • nieces Aunt Sophia's hair in particular absorbed the attention of four of her nieces .
  • NS I have practised you in d-ns, for an emergency."
  • NUS Violence predominated in many regions, and Noah one of the M'nus of the Hindus, a patriarch of the Adamites, a prophet according to the Arabs, went over the earth to preach against this corruption.
  • NOS But the crimes I am charged with are, that on the 7th of August last, some person or persons did, accidentally or maliciously, disturb the telescope, during the exposure of plates Nos .
  • NICER Marjorie Dean is nicer than all of you put together, and if she likes that little white-faced Stevens girl, then the girl is all right, even if her family were ragpickers.
  • noisier Interest, of course, was an altogether second-rate feeling compared to love, and because it was second-rate it was noisier , expressing itself with a copiousness unnecessary when one got to the higher stages of feeling.
  • nisei
  • accruings

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