What is the correct spelling for NKI?

If you've typed "nki" by mistake and are wondering what it could potentially be, here are some suggestions: "ink", "nick", "neck", "nike" or "nook". Although it's difficult to determine the intended word from a misspelling, these options might provide some clarity or help you find the correct term.

Correct spellings for NKI

  • BKI
  • HKI
  • NCI NCI stands for National Cancer Institute.
  • NI
  • NIKI
  • NK
  • NK I
  • NKM
  • NMI NMI is a type of interrupt in computer architecture that temporarily halts all processing.
  • NNI
  • NOI
  • NPI
  • NRI My friend is an NRI and she frequently travels between India and the United States.
  • NTI NTI is an acronym for Network Technologies Incorporated.
  • NUI
  • PKI PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) is a cryptographic system that uses a pair of a public key and a private key to securely communicate over the internet.
  • RKI The RKI is the abbreviation for the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, which is responsible for disease control and prevention.
  • SKI I love to ski down the mountain with my family.