What is the correct spelling for NKROR?

If you've mistakenly typed "nkror", fear not! Here are a few possible suggestions to correct this misspelling. You might be aiming for words like "kronor" (the currency of Sweden), "knor" (a Dutch surname) or "snorkel" (a tube used for breathing underwater). Double-checking your intended word can save you from confusion.

Correct spellings for NKROR

  • Akron Akron, Ohio is home to the historic Goodyear Blimp.
  • Error The system detected an error in the code and prompted an error message.
  • Furor There was a furor in the community when the controversial decision was announced.
  • Juror The juror listened attentively to the testimony presented in court.
  • KFOR KFOR is the NATO-led international peacekeeping force in Kosovo.
  • KOR
  • Kroc Ray Kroc founded McDonald's Corporation in 1955.
  • KROE
  • Nero Nero is infamous for his cruelty and his role in the burning of Rome.
  • Noor Noor is a very popular name in Arabic and means "light".
  • NOR I don't like apples nor oranges.
  • Nor I don't like sushi, nor do I like seafood in general.
  • NRO The NRO is responsible for developing and operating satellite reconnaissance programs for the United States government.
  • ROR