What is the correct spelling for NLK?

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Correct spellings for NLK

  • balk While common sense may balk at the tale of Helen of Troy, common sense would as readily balk at a narrative of the high cost of living or of the All-Europe War.
  • bilk In fact," said the first lieutenant prettily, "I fancy that His Excellency, too, must have done what is-er-vulgarly termed a bilk ."
  • bulk I know the wrapping-paper, but they grew in bulk since I handled them.
  • calk My first impulse was to calk up the throat of M. Mondet with several sheets of his abominable assurances.
  • elk Elk wandered through the mountains and valleys.
  • flak He was sure he would get in a burst, when suddenly a burst of flak from a ground battery enveloped him.
  • folk We are very quiet folk .
  • hulk And, in sober truth, so horrible was the prospect of going adrift in her without preparing for the adventure with oars, sail, mast, provisions, and water-most of which, by the lamplight only, were not to be come at amid the hideous muddle of wreckage-that sooner than face it I was perfectly satisfied to take my chance of the hulk sinking with me in her before the sun rose.
  • ilk Oh where's now the smile Used to cheer me ilk morn, Like a blink o' the sun's ain light; And where the voice sae sweet That aye gar'd my bosom beat When sae saftly she bade me gude-night.
  • milk Sure enough, there was the white milk , as plain as day.
  • nag Toward the mill, the bay nag in his hand, The miller sitting by the fire they found.
  • nark "You're a nark for that fellow Crewe.
  • nc
  • neck Would he break his neck or a limb?
  • nick And all this mess about you bein' dead and the money comin' in the nick o' time to keep us out o' the po'-house-" "Father!"
  • nike So he let his somewhat mocking glance wander from Althea to Hermon, and called to the latter: "My congratulations, young master; but I need scarcely remind you that Nike suffers no one-not even goodness and grace personified-to take from her hand what it is her sole duty to bestow."
  • nil My conversation was nil ; my earlier break with Mrs. Martin discouraged me there, while she was now most absorbed in her food.
  • nile No. We will ride only as far as the Nile , and afterwards go by way of the Nile to El-Wasta.
  • nj Standard ng is often represented by nj .
  • nook The boys guided the boat along shore not too near the rocks, both keeping watch for any nook which might prove of interest or afford an opportunity for an adventure of any sort.
  • nrc
  • nsc
  • nuke
  • null And Richard went back to his room, took pen, ink, and paper, and drew up a certificate, stating that the fifty lashes administered to Gregory Boksa were thereby declared to be null , void, and of no validity.
  • polk It come up 'fore Judge Polk .
  • salk They had expected that demand for the vaccine would be great-but even the grisly memory of the early days of the Salk vaccine had not prepared them for the mobs of sneezing, wheezing red-eyed people bombarding them for the first fruits.
  • silk I should like you to match this embroidery silk .
  • sulk "The I.W.W. is going to run it if you sulk indoors as you have done lately," yelled Kurt.
  • talk But I would rather not talk about it, she said, at last.
  • tlc
  • walk They asked him, Who is the man that said unto thee, Take up thy bed, and walk ?
  • yolk Mix with it some yolk of egg.
  • Nola This feeling is expressed in the long rows of vaults which line so many of the great roads, the Via Appia, or the way from Pompeii to Nola .
  • Nell "Sleep, Nell -sleep," he said to himself; "but I do not sleep, and must save her."
  • LC †Anserpica kiliani Mourer-Chauviré, Berthet & Hugueney 2004 Subfamily †Anatalavinae Olson 1999 Genus †Anatalavis Olson & Parris 1987 †Anatalavis rex (Shufeldt 1915) Olson & Parris 1987 †Anatalavis oxfordi Olson 1999 Subfamily Anseranatinae Salvadori 1895 Genus †Eoanseranas Worthy & Scanlon 2009 †Eoanseranas handae Worthy & Scanlon 2009 (Hand’s dawn magpie goose) Genus Anseranas Lesson 1828 Anseranas semipalmata (Latham 1798) (magpie goose) LC
  • LG Google also collaborated with LG Electronics to release a Cardboard-based headset for the LG G3 known as VR for G3.
  • NEG It has the red rose, the white rose, and the neg-rose.
  • LNG
  • NBC
  • NCO
  • NFC
  • NYC