What is the correct spelling for NODING?

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Correct spellings for NODING

  • boding From the confines of his country Rode he forth with boding grey, 'Neath the dagger of the Tscherkes He has breathed his soul away."
  • bonding As the width was fixed at nine feet as a part of the conditions for bonding , there seemed only one way left to apply the economics-that was, in the depth of the roads.
  • coding After the first week, we only identify you with a coding system."
  • ding It may be regarded as a strange coincidence that I instructed Britton that very evening to see that my golf clubs were cleaned up and put into good shape for a little practice on a course near London, where I had been put up by an English author, and who was forever ding -donging at me to come out and let him "put it all over me."
  • ending A wonderful ending to a lost trail for a lost soul.
  • fording As the boat-house and club lights appear we go hard and fast on to a bank, and a native wayfarer fording the river in the dark, whom we mistake for a Club servant expecting us, is ordered to shove us off, which he does and goes on his way without a word-"the gentle Hindoo" again.
  • goading To reach the end of my journey became the haunting, ever-present goading thought of my wakeful existence.
  • knowing He looked so dreadfully unhappy when he went away, Dick, and-and I can't help knowing why.
  • loading At the station many kind friends came down to see us off, loading Helen with flowers.
  • netting One man made netting attached to the rail round the ticket office, seated of course, another knitted, and everyone chewed betel nut.
  • nodding Then, as Seldon bowed her to the head of one of the tables, she winked back her tears, and nodding gayly to the eager faces turned toward her and said with her prettiest smile: "It's the very nicest surprise that ever happened to me, and I hope you will all have a perfectly splendid time to-night."
  • nothing Nothing was changed, and yet everything was different.
  • odin Sometimes he was called "the Wandering One", or "Odin the Wanderer".
  • rodin The Viberts had taste, and their music-room was charming in its reticent scheme of decoration-a Steinway grand piano, a low crowded book-case with a Rodin cast, a superb mezzotint of Leonardo's Mona Lisa after Calmatta, revealing the admirable poise of sweetly folded hands-surely the most wonderful hands ever painted-while the polished floor, comforting couches and open fireplace proclaimed this apartment as the composition of refined people.
  • sodding The propriety of sodding Captain Ussher?
  • undoing Have I contributed, by my own unselfishness, to my own undoing ?
  • voiding Does it cover and warrant so sweeping a measure as the old seisachtheia of Solon, voiding all contracts in which the debtor had pledged his land or his person; or such measures as the agrarian laws of Licinius and the Gracchi?
  • wording The wording was careful, even clever, but she had conveyed with full force the impression that she meant to convey, which was that the fever and delirium were more the result of distress of mind than of the actual chill-that the prospect of returning to her loveless marriage and gloomy home were working untold harm to the patient, and hindering recovery.
  • Codding That codding spirit had they from their mother, As sure a card as ever won the set; That bloody mind, I think, they learn'd of me, As true a dog as ever fought at head.
  • Doing Till she told me this morning, I had no idea she thought of doing such a thing.
  • Hooding Across a green field from the Irving cottage Dr. Donald Hamilton's big house was hooding itself in the shadows of the thick fir grove that enabled the doctor to have a garden.
  • Kneading This breaking up of the bag may be greatly hastened by the sucking of a hungry calf and the kneading it gives the udder with its nose, by stripping the glands clean thrice daily, and by active rubbing at each milking with the palm of the hand, with or without lard or, better, with camphorated ointment.
  • Knotting Much elated at this unexpected good fortune, he took the strap that had slung his gun, the leathern belt about his waist, and the strong cords of his pouch, and knotting them together, made a rope long enough to let him drop within two or three feet of the stones below.
  • Lording The end of the fourth century sees Seleucus of Babylonia lording it over the most part of West Asia which was best worth having, except the southern half of Syria and the coasts of Asia Minor and certain isles in sight of them, which, if not subject to Ptolemy of Egypt, were free of both kings or dominated by a third, resident in Europe and soon to disappear.
  • Needing That there should be such a capacity, born as if dead, and needing to be quickened by a higher power before it can live and be of use, need not surprise us.
  • Noising Acts not his own the world would hold him responsible for; and no wonder that, in his age, a spiritualistically unfolded, an illumined man, and one also whose form might be moved, as was that of Agassiz, by will not his own, should strive in all possible ways to prevent wives, and any other people who knew them, from revealing any of his peculiar and marvelous secrets; no wonder that he sought to make his wives "write, sign, seal, and swear" never to do it; because the noising abroad of such powers as he possessed, and such performances as were attendant upon him, if publicly known, would be profaned, would destroy his usefulness, and endanger, if not take, his life.
  • Nosing Not to mention brown- nosing the boss, since naturally I let him win."
  • Noting Having taken your sights, go to the standard compass and get a bearing of the sun, at the same time noting in your book the W.T. of the bearing and the compass heading of the ship.
  • Nudging "Nay," cried Katterle, nudging him angrily with her elbow, "we never had a day begin more happily for us.
  • Nutting It protests against a free and open park; it abhors artesian wells; it detests the throwing open of nut woods that all may go forth a-nutting; it waxes righteously indignant at every gift, be it prizes for the flower show or a new market site.
  • Podding
  • Toeing They and the black boys and girls are all toeing and heeling it together.
  • Toning Poor Mrs. Duveen possessed the personality of a chameleon, readily toning with any background; but intellectually she was never present.
  • Wooding The northern cove is the most commodious for wooding and watering.
  • Cording My two boys did the cording, and two fools they be.
  • Nadine His mother, pretty Nadine Grandet, had been her earliest friend, and they had lived side by side, in a little village on the Ouise, until she was wooed and won by the American artist, Robert Glendenning, who had been attracted to that neighborhood by his studies, and the fame of Sevigne, whom he worshipped afar.
  • noshing
  • hording

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