What is the correct spelling for NOINTE?

If you're searching for the correct spelling of "Nointe", you've likely made a typographical error. Similar words you might mean include "ointe", "pointe", "joint" or "anoint". Remember to double-check your intended word to ensure accuracy in your search or communication.

Correct spellings for NOINTE

  • Anoint The high priest would anoint the new king with holy oil in a public ceremony.
  • Anointed The anointed priest blessed the congregation with holy water.
  • Anoints The priest anoints the sick with holy oil to ask for their recovery.
  • Joint Sarah and John decided to open a joint bank account.
  • Jointed The jointed hinges on the door creaked as I opened it.
  • Joints My mom's arthritis makes it difficult for her to bend her joints.
  • Monte I've always wanted to visit Monte Carlo and try my luck at the famous casino.
  • Nine There were nine pieces of cake left after the party.
  • Ninth I am studying for my ninth final exam of the semester.
  • Noise The noise from the construction site was keeping me awake all night.
  • Nominate My boss asked me to nominate someone for the position of team leader.
  • Nominee He is the strongest nominee for the award.
  • Nonce
  • None None of the children wanted to eat liver for dinner.
  • Notate Before submitting the final score, make sure to notate all the changes made during the rehearsal.
  • Note I left a note on the fridge to remind me to buy milk.
  • Novate I am working on a plan to novate the existing contract to include additional parties.
  • Point The point of the lesson was to teach us the importance of time management.
  • Pointed She pointed towards the direction of the nearest supermarket.
  • Pointer I pointed my finger at the map to show the location of the treasure, using it as my pointer.
  • Points The gymnast received high points for her flawless routine.
  • Pointy The pointy edges of the cliff made it difficult to climb.