What is the correct spelling for NOWER?

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Correct spellings for NOWER

  • bower It was such a pretty bower .
  • cower There is a light which he brings with him, which he holds before the eyes of the dying, the stern light, seldom seen, of reality, before which self-deception and meanness, and that which maketh a lie, cower in their native deformity and slip away.
  • dower She thought therefore that there was no reason why their new guardian's consent should not be asked to Mistress Margaret's coming over to the Dower House to take charge of Isabel, if the girl wished it.
  • ewer The golden ewer a nymph obsequious brings, Replenish'd from the cool translucent springs; With copious water the bright vase supplies A silver laver of capacious size.
  • fewer I would take more, but must not leave the craft with fewer hands on board.
  • hewer At one time the hardy hewer of wood and drawer of water gave his lifetime willingly that his son might ride in the "varnished cars."
  • howe Howe understood this and did not attack.
  • lower 7306. In that case, is a lower price given in cash than would have been given in goods?
  • mower All that made me see what a fool I'd been, and I exchanged my painting things for a lawn-mower, but it never turned out to be any good."
  • ne'er "All fower of 'em-fine lads all-put off to the wreck-wreck o' th' brig Thyrsis, on th' Goodwins-and ne'er a one come back.
  • never I know I shall never do it.
  • newel Eva and Jess were still standing by the newel post.
  • niter Prompt measures were taken to secure a supply of sulphur, and parties were employed to obtain saltpeter from the caves, as well as from the earth of old tobacco-houses and cellars; and artificial niter -beds were made to provide for prospective wants.
  • node Here is one route: N to H, I, K, S, I, E, S, G, K, D, H, A, N, B, A, E, F, B, C, G, D, N, C, F, S. By thus making five of the routes as short as is possible-simply from one node to the next-we are able to get the greatest possible length for our sixth line.
  • noel Noel screwed up his Irish eyes and laughed.
  • nome Later, when his lungs had healed, Bill hired the mail-man to take him and his nurse to Nome .
  • none Have none of you seen her?
  • norway Hastie's put off a visit to Norway on purpose.
  • nose Right under your nose all the time, and you didn't know it.
  • nosher
  • note "He would, therefore, not draw another note -no, not another.
  • now "I now return to Miss Miette's question,-'Why is lead heavier than cork?
  • owe "I owe you much for the news you bring me; and my poor boy, does he know I am near him?
  • power "He is really a power , a money-power, you know, Mr. Blaine!
  • rower I took a second rower so as to reach St. Mark's Square more rapidly, and I immediately set to work looking for what I wanted.
  • sewer He continued therefore his intimacy with her, and then he had, during a few days, such a revolt from his slavery, that he extricated himself from the sewer , and stood on firm ground.
  • shower That's fortunate, as we shall be sure to have a shower or two-always do at a water picnic.
  • sower There are greater possibilities in the busy world that lies before you now, but presently habit and the force of associations will bind you to the soil, and you must remain a raiser of cattle and sower of grain.
  • tower Shure how should I know anything about the Tower of London?
  • wooer Looking back on what she knew of him, she assessed that this wooer of whores had always stayed in safe circles.
  • Noes Call me back from the horses With no, no, noes; When I try snap courses Call me back from the horses.
  • Nope Nope, we're up against it and we'll have to take our medicine," Ernest marched straight to the door and flung it open.
  • Nor Nor did she know why.
  • Noway
  • Nowt Noo that he loved a lassie as he'd never dreamed he could love anyone, he found he could say nowt to her he had no said to a dozen or a score before her.
  • Lowe O'Meara explained that the instructions of his Government and the orders of Sir Hudson Lowe prohibited him from using the term; but it was in vain.
  • Nader
  • Noe For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and knew not till the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
  • Rowe They were collected by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, the reknowned historian, pioneer explorer, and geologist.
  • NEWER With that environment, how can you sense the newer and more vital ideas of the day?"
  • NICER There, indeed, was the robin, and she thought he looked nicer than ever.
  • rawer
  • nosier

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