What is the correct spelling for NTIRE?

If you meant "entire" but misspelled it as "ntire", don't worry! Here are some correct suggestions: "entire", "untie", "inquire" or "mature". Finally, remember to proofread your work to catch any spelling errors and ensure clarity in your writing.

Correct spellings for NTIRE

  • dire The situation was dire as they were stranded in the middle of the ocean with no food or water.
  • entire The entire family gathered together for the annual reunion.
  • nature I love spending time in nature, it's so peaceful and calming.
  • nitre The scientists discovered that the soil was rich with nitre, which would be beneficial for growing crops.
  • tare The scale is calibrated to automatically subtract the tare weight of the container.
  • tire I need to replace the flat tire before driving to work.
  • tore I tore the poster of my favorite band off the wall.
  • tyre The car skidded on the icy road, causing the tyre to burst.