What is the correct spelling for NTLDER?

The misspelling "ntlder" could potentially be corrected to "entitled" or "entirely". These suggestions closely resemble the original term and could be useful in case of typographical errors. However, without any context, it is challenging to determine the precise intended word. Double-checking the text or seeking clarification is always recommended.

Correct spellings for NTLDER

  • ALDER The forest was dense with tall alder trees that provided ample shade.
  • ANTLER A deer's antler can be used for various purposes, including decoration and tool-making.
  • BOLDER I decided to be bolder and speak up for what I believe in.
  • CALDER The Calder sculpture at the museum drew a large crowd of admirers.
  • COLDER I wish it wasn't getting colder outside, I am not ready for winter.
  • ELDER The elder member of the board provided valuable insight based on years of experience.
  • FOLDER I need to create a new folder to store these important documents.
  • GILDER The newly finished frame sparkled with gold leaf applied by the gilder.
  • HOLDER The holder of the winning raffle ticket was announced at the end of the party.
  • MILDER I prefer milder spices in my food as I can't handle too much heat.
  • MOLDER The old bread was left out for too long and started to molder.
  • MULDER Mulder was determined to uncover the truth about the paranormal activity.
  • OLDER The older generations tend to have different values than younger ones.
  • POLDER The Dutch built polders to reclaim land from the sea and create farmland.
  • SOLDER I need to buy some solder to fix the wires on my headphones.
  • TLDR I didn't read the whole article, but here's the TLDR version.
  • WELDER The welder fabricated a sturdy frame for the metal sculpture.
  • WILDER The wildest part of the forest was where the animals roamed freely, never seeing a human being.