What is the correct spelling for NULEAR?

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Correct spellings for NULEAR

  • annular The air that traverses this conduit is distributed through the annular space between the piston and cylinder.
  • blear Ay, ye once were mine, and, till I forget, Ye are mine forever and aye, Mine, wherever your wild wings go, While shrill winds whistle across the snow And the skies are blear and grey.
  • clear This he did not like doing until it was clear that all was lost. Seeing everything so clear I am changing I'm gonna start right now, right here I'm hoping to work it out – I Am Changing by Unknown Author
  • euler [786] Leonhard Euler (1707-1783), friend of the Bernoullis, the greatest of Swiss mathematicians, prominent in the theory of numbers, and known for discoveries in all lines of mathematics as then studied.
  • lea Then there was a great consultation as to how we were to be got out, which ended in the carriage being bodily lifted and part of the top taken off, making an opening through which first Lea was dragged and afterwards the Mother. For ire that Love was lord of all. For she had lands both meadow and lea, Where the sun shines fair on Carlisle wall, And he swore her death, ere he would see – It Was an English Ladye Bright by Sir Walter Scott
  • lean I have but lean luck in the match, and yet is she a wondrous fat marriage. What kept my love-life lean? My intuition told me You'd come on the scene Mister, listen to the rhythm of my heartbeat, – Embraceable You by Unknown Author
  • lear Soon Mrs. Lear came upstairs. Lemme be fair, I hop up off a sweet Lear Right to Lennox, ain't no sand, but I'm on my beach chair – Curtis (50 Cent Diss) by Cam'ron
  • learn When you learn how to do this, what do you learn next? ?Ti voglio bene? you will learn Means ?every night for you I burn? – Ti Voglio Bene/Be Italian by Unknown Author
  • leer One or two men said, "Good-evening, captain," in an embarrassed way, but the Irish subaltern only stared, the half-grin on his freckled face giving place to an uneasy leer .
  • liar "Save you, or Glass-eyes call Ixtli dog-liar. Well I got good news, she's a real good liar 'Cause the backstage boogie set your pants on fire – Sweet Emotion by aerosmith
  • lunar Or would it be better to wait fourteen more Earth-days, till another lunar dawn? Not 1970 but a year sooner We went to the moon in That's when thet made a landing that was lunar We didn't go up to the sun or stars – We Went To The Moon In 1969 by even stevens
  • ne'er Ne'er heed him, owd powse ud he is!
  • near Did it come near you? Grew pleasant thankfulness that you were near, Who might have been, set on some outstep sphere, – In Vision I Roamed by Thomas Hardy
  • nearly "Very nearly ," he returned.
  • nebular The energy radiated at the surface of the sun is estimated at 7,000 horse power to the square foot, and if the sun was a mass of coal, it would have to be consumed in 5,000 years in order to supply it, and in 5,000 years would have to cool down to 9,000 degrees, C. If the nebular hypothesis be received, the contraction would supply the loss for 7,000 years before the temperature would fall 1 degree, C. Incomprehensible as this force is, it is constantly diminishing, and although the projection of meteors and hypothetical cosmical bodies may prolong its action, the time must come when all its energy will be dissipated into space; all bodies will have the same temperature, and as there is no other source of energy, physical and vital phenomena will cease, and the universe, bereft of living beings, will itself be dead.
  • nil For many years past the Egyptian authority in these parts has been nil , and confined only to a few wretched forts on the coast.
  • nile Heluan is situated on the right bank of the Nile .
  • nodular Nodular leprosy, on the other hand, which often attacks the face, and is far more horrible in appearance, is unmistakable, but it is less common in Fiji than nerve leprosy or a mixture of the two.
  • noel Noel stopped dead in sheer astonishment.
  • nuclear From the far horizon of the asteroid the incandescent fire of the nuclear blast stretched into space, turning from silver to orange to red as it cooled.
  • null "Dunno 'bout dat, Miss Null ," said he.
  • ruler And he, the ruler of the world, had thought it impossible that one, even one of his millions of subjects, should have prayed for him.
  • velar labialized voiceless palato-alveolar affricate  [tʃʷ] (in Archi, Abaza, Adyghe, Paha, Aghul, German) labialized voiced palato-alveolar affricate  [dʒʷ] (in Abaza, Aghul, Tsakhur, German) labialized voiceless alveolo-palatal affricate [tɕʷ] (in Abkhaz, Akan, Ubykh) labialized voiced alveolo-palatal affricate [dʑʷ] (in Abkhaz, Akan, Ubykh) Non-sibilant affricates labialized voiceless velar affricate  [kxʷ] (in Navajo) labialized voiceless uvular affricate  [qχʷ] (in Kabardian, Lillooet) Lateral affricates labialized voiceless velar lateral affricate  [k͡ʟ̝̊ʷ] (in Archi)
  • Neal Neal heard his name called in a low voice by some one near him.
  • Nuclei The essential part of the cells, namely the nuclei, coalesce into one nucleus, and an active process of cell division and multiplication is at once started.
  • Nelly "Yes," said Graeme, "I was helping Nelly , and I was in my old blue wrapper."
  • Leah But he did not come, either that day or the next, and on the morning of the next, which was Saturday, feigning some trivial errand to Mrs. Leah , she went herself to Rose Hill, casting anxious glances towards the windows of his room to see if he were in sight.
  • Nola Nola was beckoning to Frances to return; now she called her name, with fearful entreaty.
  • nears "Think what may be the consequence," said Nears .
  • bluer Don't you think if they were a little brighter and bluer they'd be prettier?
  • nobler Every better instinct, every nobler feeling that I had once possessed, seemed to be dead and gone.

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